Dog barkingBarking, is a dogs natural way of communication. So if your dog is barking, there is a reason why. Below are some of the reasons why. See if you can understand what your dog is trying to tell you!

1)   Warning/Alert: One of the most common reasons a dog barks is because they are trying to warn/alert their owners. They might be alerting them of someone’s arrival to the house, or if they sense a threat they start barking to give their owners a warning sign.


2)   Physical Need: If a dog is thirsty, hungry, feeling hot or cold, they tend to bark to inform their owners that they want a specific need fulfilled.


3)   Play/Excitement: Often puppies and younger dogs bark when they are excited. When dogs want to play or sense that their owner is going to take them for playtime they get excited and bark.


4)   Emotional Need: Many dogs bark due to an emotional need. If a dog has separation anxiety, they tend to bark when their owner leaves the house or is not around them. Dogs also bark more, if they aren’t getting attention, they use the bark to attract attention from their caregivers.


5)   Responding to other dogs: It is also common for dogs to bark when they are responding to another dog. They may respond to another dogs bark who is across the street or while you take them for a walk in the park they respond to other dogs with a bark.


6)   Genetics: It has also been found that a dog’s genetics can impact how much they bark. Some breeds are more likely than others to bark.


So the next time your pet says Woof! Woof!, try and figure out what he/she is trying to tell ya!