Yes, both dogs and cats have fur coats that are meant to keep them warm but all coats were not created equal. And a key factor that decides your pet’s ability to deal with the cold is the way their coat is constructed. For instance, breeds that have lived and evolved for generations in cold climates (like Huskies and Samoyeds) tend to have thick and double layered coats that protect them for the cold. But breeds like our Indian Pariahs have quite light coats that suit our tropical climate. These are not well-equipped to deal with the unusually cold winters that we are now having.

So, Bundle Them Up With  –                           

Sweaters and jackets – Opt for those that are especially designed for dogs and cats. These will ensure that your pet can still move unhindered by the sweater or  jacket. Getting the right size is essential to their comfort.

Pet sweaters and jackets

Blankets – These are all you need to persuade a cuddle from your pet. Get one that is easy to wash because your pet is bound to be spending lot of time with it. Lay it out on the sofa for cosy movie nights (it will also help protect your sofa from pet hair). A blanket can be spread out on your pet’s or your own bed.


Beds-  The floor is probably freezing (are your fuzzy slippers out?) so if your pet doesn’t have a bed yet, you should invest in one. Senior pets tend to feel the cold a lot more, so take special care to make sure they’re warm. Pet mats are a great, portable alternative to ordinary dog and cat beds. They can be rolled up and carried with you.

Pet beds and mats

Spare a Thought

While we can ensure that our pooches and kitties are well bundled up for the winter, there are several strays on our streets who are having an unpleasant time in the bitter cold. If you want to help out, you can with a simple cardboard box. Place it outside your home or in the garden. Keep it sideways so a dog can go in and out easily, line it with jute sacks or old sheets to help them keep warm.  Assure your neighbours that it is temporary and keep an eye on it to ensure its inhabitant is safe.  Request your neighbours watch over it while you are away. You will be making a world of difference to the dog that seeks its shelter.

strays in the cold