– By Ragini Mehra

Winter is here and there’s nothing like wrapping yourself up in warm clothes and snuggling in cosy quilts. But what about your little furry friend who is sitting by the corner of your quilt as you read this blog? Well, he feels cold too and can’t do anything much about it himself. So here are some winter care tips to ensure that your pooch feels comfortable this season:

1. Buy Him A Warm Coat


Just like you need a soft and nice woollen for yourself, your dog needs it too. There’s a huge variety of jackets and sweaters available for dogs so make sure you pick one right away.  While buying a sweater, take your pooch’s measurements carefully. If the sweater is too tight for him, he might end up tearing it and the purpose will be defeated. It is extremely important for your pooch to feel comfortable in what he wears.

2. Protect Him From Burns


Due to extreme cold, our pets have a tendency to look for hot objects in the house. They might try to lie down close to a heater, lamp, microwave or other such appliances. Take special care to ensure that all such objects are out of reach of your furry friend. In fact, fireplaces also pose a threat to pets so spend some time pet-proofing your house this winter.

3. Don’t Overfeed Your Pet


Understand that dogs do not need extra calories in winter since they do not burn them as often as they do in summers. They tend to get lazy; there is lack of exercise and other activity generally in this season. Thus, it is extremely important to give him a fixed diet which keeps obesity at bay and also gives him a healthy coat to protect him from the chill.

4. Ensure Proper Grooming


Dandruff is a common problem in the winter and can be avoided with proper grooming. Select a shampoo that suits your dog’s fur otherwise it will lead to skin irritation and more dandruff. If you notice a lot of itching, consult the vet immediately for a medicated shampoo. Otherwise, you can pick a moisturizing shampoo, especially if your dog has sensitive skin. Also, don’t get his fur trimmed in winters as his coat is a great source of warmth for him.

5. Keep Him Hydrated


Summer or winter, sufficient water intake can help your dog stay free of any health issues. Keep his water bowl filled at all times. Even though they might not want to drink as much water as they drink in summer, lovingly encourage them and show them the way to their bowl every now and then.

Winter Care Tips For Homeless Animals

While there is a lot that we can do for our furry friends at home, have you ever given a thought to those living outside? Let alone proper food or water, most of them do not even have a sweater to protect them from the cold weather. This holiday season, why not go one step ahead and help those in need? And trust me, it is not tough. Here are a few things you can do:

– Make them wear a jacket or sweater. If you are not comfortable doing that, take help from an animal lover around you.

– Keep separate food and water bowls outside your house. The innocent homeless animals will bless you for taking care of their needs.

– Give them some space in your home, or in the porch. There’s no better thing than giving a homeless animal shelter.


Have a happy and meaningful winter! 🙂


Ragini Mehra

Ragini Mehra


Ragini is an avid dog lover and lives in Delhi with her many dogs!