Dogs love to nap and need loads of rest all throughout the day and night. Choosing the right bed makes all the difference to ensure your dog gets proper rest. Just like humans, an uncomfortable dog bed can make your doggy wake up with a sore or stiff body. This is even more important if your dog happens to suffer from joint issues, arthritis, hip dysplasia, bone injuries, soft tissue injuries, dogs that have had orthopedic surgeries or even if you have a senior dog. And this is where Orthopedic dog beds are highly useful.

What are Orthopedic Dog beds?


Orthopedic dog beds are designed to provide maximum comfort to your dog without straining his back. It is a multi-layered mattress that is uniquely designed with a firm bottom layer and a soft plush layer on the top. Some orthopedic dog beds also have a memory foam layer on the top that contours to all the nooks and crannies when your doggie rests.

How to Choose the best Orthopedic dog bed?

Orthopedic dog beds are available in a variety of features and you must consider your dog’s sleeping style and his physical condition. Orthopedic dog beds with bolsters are available for dogs to comfortably rest their neck and shoulders and have a more comfortable relaxing position. You must also consider the quality of the foam such as the thickness, structure, density and how the foam contours to the body of your dog.

Orthopedic Dog beds at Heads Up For Tails

We have a new range of orthopedic dog beds that provide a complete Orthopedic support. Our orthopedic beds feature a multi-layer mattress that has a firm layer at the core and a plush layer at the top. The core of our mattress is made from shredded pieces of foam that has been reactivated to form a single solid piece of foam with high density. This ensures a proper back support and self adjusts to adapt to the anatomical shape of your dog’s spine. The open celled HR foam eliminates the creation of any pressure points. The two way support system features a firm side at the bottom and a plush support at the top, which can be flipped to get the position your dog feels most comfortable in. The Orthopedic dog bed also features a cushion to keep your dog rest and relax in a comfortable position. Check out our Orthopedic dog bed range here.