It is natural for dogs to jump up to say hello! When dogs meet, they usually sniff at each others faces. They’re likely to do that with us humans too, and because we are taller than they are- they tend to jump up!

dog jumping

However, this can be a bit of a problem, especially if you have a big dog who can throw you over.


Says Caesar Milan, “I suggest no touch, no talk, and no eye contact when you meet a dog for the first time, or when you reunite with your own dog (such as when you come home from work). What your dog will learn from this ritual is that every time you reunite as a pack or a family, what you want from him is to greet you with distance in a calm way.”

So here is what you need to do:

–       When your dog is about to jump, turn away and ignore the dog. Don’t say anything- as that makes them realize that when they jump they don’t get anything from you.

–       Initiate contact only once your dog has settled down.

–       Get down to the dog’s level and give him a nice pat or a reward so that they associate positively with sitting down and greeting calmly.

It is important not to become excited when you greet your dog. If you are calm, your dog will be too. Also, don’t shout at your dog when he/she jumps as this will get him/her more excited, and cause more jumping. Try and resist the urge to push away (unless necessary) – as again this will get them excited and cause more jumping.

Teaching your dog not to jump can be challenging, and requires patience. You need to be consistent in your training, and everyone in the family must follow the same rules. Its confusing for the dog if you allow him to jump sometimes, or on some people and not on others.

Good Luck!