Unexpected things happen when we least expect it and changes our lives for the better. And that could really be the gist of the story of how Sakshi met Coco – the stray puppy who got a new lease on life, and also brought in loads of happiness into the lives of Sakshi and her family.


Coco Then

Coco Then

How they met

Sakshi first met Coco outside her fiancé’s house where a stray female had a litter a few weeks ago. But things took an unexpected turn when one night Coco got injured by a biker and kept howling. The next day, Sakshi got a call that one of the litter was badly injured. Sakshi took help of the local dog rescue organisation called Friendicoes who picked up Coco for treatment. In the meantime, Sakshi and her fiancé went to visit Friendicoes and had to search for Coco, where they were informed that Coco had a severe leg injury and would require an amputation if the wound was not healed with daily dressing. Sakshi was determined to not let amputation happen for Coco and took her to the vet everyday, without fail, for the next three months, in hopes to let the wound heal naturally. And with the tender loving care that Coco received from Friendicoes, Sakshi and her family; he was slowly and surely on the way to recovery.

It was truly a trying time for Sakshi and her fiancé as they managed to juggle between work and taking Coco to the vet everyday. Meanwhile, they also tried every measure to get Coco adopted but so far the efforts were all in vain. Sakshi was at a point in her life where she was going to get married and taking care of a doggie was not in the cards. But when she met Coco unexpectedly, things took a turn for the better and life without him seemed incomplete. Although Sakshi has been a dog friendly person, her family was apprehensive about having a dog at home. But with time, Coco’s playful spirit and jovial nature melted hearts and Coco became the indispensable member of the family.

And such was the bond between Coco and Sakshi that they became an inseparable duo and it seemed only natural to have Coco as part of her wedding! And what better way to include Coco into her marriage plans than to have him in her wedding card! (Pause for an Awwww!).

The adorable wedding Card with Coco

The adorable wedding Card with Coco!

Coco and Sakshi’s story could not have had a better ending. He stays with Sakshi, her husband and her family and often accompanies Sakshi to office too! We took some pictures when Coco accompanied Sakshi to the office and the bond simply resonates. And that’s how Sakshi met Coco and they all lived happily ever after!!

Coco and Sakshi now!

Coco and Sakshi now!

coco-and-sakshi-3 coco-and-sakshi-4

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