“I first met Tigress and Pondi near my office in Nizamuddin, where they lived on the streets. One rainy morning, I saw a cute furry doggie jumping out from a garbage bin near a tea stall where we would often have our morning tea. Our eyes met and Pondi reached out to me and we instantly became friends. Soon Pondi and her companion – Tigress became regular visitors at my office in Nizamuddin and the office guys were kind enough to provide them shelter during the day and night as well. We would often play during lunch and after work, and at times, they would follow me back home too!

After an year or so, my office closed their operations in Delhi and the comfort of an office shelter for Pondi and Tigress was no longer there. I tried my best to get the two adopted, as I was not in a position to take care of my furry friends since I was out of job with no stable place to stay. However, all adoption efforts went in vain and it was at that point that I made a decision that would change my life forever – to adopt the two for better or worse. Being jobless at 24, with not enough room in my current place for the two, I wondered how I would be able to manage it all. But I just couldn’t find it in my heart to leave the two behind and brought them home regardless.


Divya with her furry family – Pondi, Tigress and Marco Polo.

It was truly a challenging time for me, trying to make ends meet but I believe it only made me stronger, determined and focused to work hard enough to afford a home for Pondi and Tigress. As I never had any pets before, I thoroughly enjoyed the joys of caring, loving and the fun time that arrived with the two. I truly believe that Pondi and Tigress were a gift to me from Nizamuddin Darga – they truly made me a better human being with loads of love that never made me feel alone again.

Life truly turned out for the better as things just fell in place after that. I found a bigger house to make sure Pondi and Tigress had enough space. And to add to the merriment came Marco Polo – Pondi’s baby and it felt like the family was complete. Having seen Marco Polo just right at birth, I just could not give him away and our family grew. Marco is a sweet and naughty brat that is lovingly called the ‘Don of the Gali’ by my neighbours.


The cute and naughty – Marco Polo!

And when I met my future husband, I insisted how my furry babies were a part of my family and how we would all be together as a part of the ‘package’. Luckily he gladly embraced my unique family and I pride over the memories we have made over the years together. We often travel together and have had some really cool train journeys along with the doggies, which has been so much fun!

Divya with Tigress (right) and Marco Polo (left)

We bid adieu to Pondi this summer but we’re glad that she had a loving and affectionate family who loved her to the core. Although Pondi’s presence is missed, she will forever remain in our hearts as the most precious loving doggie we met and we often remember her by her love for food!”

Pondi with Divya

Pondi with Divya

— Narrated by Divya Duggar.


Dogs truly are a celebration of life and when one heads over to the Rainbow Bridge we celebrate the life they had here on Earth; till we all unite one day at the Rainbow Bridge at last! If you have a rescue story of your own to share with us, then send us your story at woof@headsupfortails.com and we would love to feature you and your pooch! Woofs and Wags always!