I’m one of those people who constantly juggled between wanting a dog and knowing that I can’t have one. Starting your own venture is like having a baby you constantly need to nurture and bringing home a puppy requires equal amount of dedication and commitment, if not more. I also feared that in order to do complete justice to one, I may end up being unfair to the other and this dilemma kept me from adopting a puppy for the longest time.

One day my family and I also went to the extent of penning down the pros and cons and the conclusion we collectively arrived at was, ‘we’re not ready yet’! Perhaps, we could if it were a two year old, mid-sized, self-sufficient dog.

However, as luck would have it, the very next morning, I stumbled upon a Facebook post by ‘Voice of the Voiceless’. They were looking for out for a family for a 2 year old Beagle. My heart skipped a beat and out of sheer impulse, I decided to ask my parents if I could adopt him. Despite having decided otherwise, my family vehemently agreed.

Voice of the Voiceless as you must be aware are extremely particular about inspecting the family and their home environment before proceeding with the adoption. Turns out, there were about 23 families who had expressed their desire to adopt, out of which 6 including us were found suitable. They also visited our home and spent some time with my family and I to verify whether we were equipped to adopt. I can safely say that we were the “chosen” one for ‘Speedy’ (Yes, that’s the name he came with) as they finally decided in our favor and he eventually came home to us.

Nidhi & Speedy

This 2 year old canine fellow stole my heart almost the minute I set my eyes on him and today rules both our home and hearts. He’s also quite popular in my office, especially with the girls. They love having him at work and take breaks in between to play with him. And I can tell Speedy doesn’t mind the attention at all 😉

They say the best things in life happen by chance and finding Speedy was one of those. He took his own time, but he was meant to be mine!