Dogs are a celebration of life. With their wagging tails, smiling faces and unbridled enthusiasm, dogs shower us with so much unconditional love that pampering them with the best seems only natural to us. Which is why we came up with a monthly box that is filled with delightful toys and useful doggie products, which we lovingly call the WagBox!

A box full of delight only for your pooch, a WagBox is carefully packed with the best doggie products and accessories that is bound to make him a happy and playful pooch.

Our Winter Box Reveal

Here are some paw-some products that you will find inside a winter wag box:

HUFT Organic Paw Butter – Protect and heal those paws from the winter dry weather with HUFT’s organic paw butter. Enriched with organic wax, coconut & essential oils, it keeps your pooch’s paws soft, smooth and healthy.


HUFT Organic Snout Butter – Keep that dry and crusty nose moisturised and smooth with our organic snout butter. The combination of organic wax, coconut, almond oil and vitamin E, make a terrific concoction that blends easily into the delicate area of your pooch’s nose.


HUFT Coconut Oil – With the goodness of coconut oil, you can turn your pooch’s itchy and flaky skin into a smooth one. Apply it topically or mix it with regular food to aid in digestion, improve coat health and keep allergies or infections at bay. HUFT’s coconut oil helps in arthritis and also clears up eczema and other skin issues.


HUFT Dog Blanket – Keep your dog warm and cozy with HUFT’s dog fleece blanket. Made of superrr soft fleece material, you can place it over your dog bed or spread it over the furniture. Our blankets are brightly colored, unique and they are hand washable too!


Freshly Baked Cookies – Get the awesomeness of healthy snacks with our freshly baked cookies that are oven baked and contains all the yummy goodness of fresh ingredients. Crunchy and tasty, this is the healthy way to snacking for your darling pooch.


Pet Charm – Accessorize your pooch with this cute pet charm to get him ready for that paw-sh party!


Bow Tie – Here’s something fancy for your pooch to attend an event or a fancy occasion – a Bow Tie! Colorful, and cutely designed, this is made with loads of love!


Why you should totally order our winter wag box today!

Our winter Wagbox is carefully packed with the essence of winter in mind. Winter brings forth dry and flaky skin and nose & you must ensure that you take extra care of your pooch to keep him healthy and hearty. And to ensure a stress-free care routine, we have designed the winter wag box so that you can relax and care for your pooch with the products you get inside our winter wag box. Do we hear lots of Woofs and wags? 🙂