Every now and then we come across human angels who restore our faith in humanity. Recently, we came across- Vandana Anchalia from KAW who’s helping change the world, one dog at a time along with her small team. This girl with a BIG heart and spirit is sitting miles away in Singapore, and yet rescuing dogs in need from the streets of India showing us that where there is a will, there is a way. We salute her spirit, and share a chat we had with her!

HUFT: Tell us a little about yourself
Vandana: Don’t have much to say about myself. I live in Singapore and work as EA in a recruitment company. I am passionate about helping animals and humans and hence I run a small charity in India “Kannan Foundation”.



HUFT: How did you start KAW
Vandana: Kannan Foundation started in February last year. KAW – Kannan Animal Welfare our first project focused on animal welfare rolled out same year. I do not know how it all got together but few friends like Praveen Singh ( who is also the Co-Founder ), Geetanjali , Karishma ( Head of Adoptions) , Saket and Jagriti ( Trustee and Head of Fundraising ) all came together and trusted my vision and we just started. I also have to thank all people who donated generously when we started.

HUFT: What challenges are you facing
Vandana: Currently running a animal welfare charity in India in itself is a challenge. Laws are not stringent enough to deal with cruelty cases, people rarely want to work as a team. I feel the vision of the people when it comes to welfare is short sighted. They mean good but nobody is focusing on long term solution. Another issue is people rarely want to volunteer. For people here charity is either free or people who can afford to pay more or less have a attitude of “I pay and you serve” attitude. However, any welfare activity can only be successful when everyone joins hands together and become stakeholder in the activity.

Having said the above I still feel we are blessed to have good supporters around us who are always there to lend help financially. I would still love to see people coming forward for volunteering.

HUFT: Share a special story with us/ tell us about special moments that made it all worthwhile
Vandana: Every case is special and every time a animal in our care is re-homed all the hardwork pays off. There are few cases which are close to my heart like Chinki, Jeevith and Namo.



HUFT: What advise do you have for others who may want to help in this space
Vandana: There is always something that you can offer to help. If you can’t donate come and volunteer at the shelter. If you cannot come start educating people around you and least you can do is if you are following someone’s work you can always spread word about them to get them help.

HUFT: Anything else you want to talk about
Vandana: At this stage nothing much but yes in few years time I will have a lot to talk. In the meantime keep following our work. The team is expanding and we have so much to offer 🙂 till then be kind and be compassionate …