Dogs need to be spoilt this Valentines day.  After all, who else is there to greet us with unconditional love and enthusiasm each day when we come home? No matter who we are, or what we look like, our dogs always make us feel loved! So in appreciation of the many smiles that our canines give us each day, they deserve ONLY the VERY BESTwagbox

And this Valentines day, we giving you a special offer on Our Valentines Day special Wag box. In each wagbox, you receive one special free gift for your pooch. So lets get into what is Wag Box..

Our warehouse is full of hundreds of treats, toys, apparel, grooming products, bedding, pet accessories and more. Sometimes so many, that it’s not possible for each customer to know about each of them. We understand dogs, we know the products and we understand specific needs of each breed and size. Based on what you tell us about your pet, our team will put together the perfect gift box for your precious pet!

The Wag Box is all about a heady mixture of surprises, happiness, personal care, treats and love. After all, nowhere else do you get a personal shopper cum happiness officer for your dog and yes, there are some lovely surprises in store too!

Our Wag Box is designed for pet owners who truly appreciate the marvellous meanings that gifts give to life in general, who understand the need for their pets to be pampered just like a little child and of course, for those who love their dogs more than anything else in the whole wide world! This little Wag Box is our own special offering for owners and dogs, something that we envision as our own little bundle of happiness that spreads warmth across as many homes as possible!

Try the Wag Box today and experience the sheer magic and warmth it brings to the life of your best friend!


How does it work?

We send out the Wag boxes on the 15th and 30th of each month.

Your pet will only have to endure a few days of prolonged suspense and excitement before your Wag Box is dispatched to your address!

How does wag box get to you?

Step 1: Sign up!

You pick your dog’s size, and fill in our questionnaire to let us know more about your dog’s personality, size, shape, breed and other relevant details.

Step 2: Choose Wag Box subscription

Choose from a range of subscription options and make the payment. Currently we offer 3 options: A one month Subscription at Rs. 1999, three months at Rs. 4999, and six months at Rs. 9999.

Step 3: Our team gets to work!

Based on your dog’s profile, our team will sniff around in our warehouse and handpick awesome products for your pooch.

Step 4: Wag Box is shipped out

Orders received before the 10th of every month will be rolled out on the 15th of the same month. Any orders received after 10th will be processed on the 30th of the month.

Step 5: Wagging tails of joy!

Once the Wag Box arrives at your doorstep, experience the joy of watching your pooch unravel what’s inside! Expect the package to be ripped to shreds, as your pooch relishes his new treats and toys!

Step 6: Get your pooch featured on our social media pages!

Please capture the joy of the Wag Box on video, click some fun photographs, and we shall feature your darling pooch on our social media pages!