Known as the ‘clowns of the canine world’, Pugs are a bucket full of happiness on four legs. Loving, charming and mischievous, they are one of the pug-fect family dogs. Great with kids with a loving nature, Pugs are usually even-tempered and just love to play! With their deep distinct wrinkles, square face and large, protruding eyes, they tend to be the center of attention wherever they go. Here’s more about this breed:

Esha and her Pugs – Milo and Muffin

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Our HUFT customer Esha tells us about her two Pugs – Milo and Muffin:

“I am a mother of two really cute Pugs – Milo and Muffin. Milo is 13 months old and we just welcomed Muffin into our family, who’s only two months old. They’re like clowns with such an adorable cute face and – boy! do-they-love-to-EAT! Our vet lovingly calls Milo “Junglee”, as Milo gets so excited everytime he meets our vet, that he often pees on him and turns his bag of medicines into a chew toy! 🙂


We celebrated Milo’s first birthday on 11th Feb and it was truly a grand affair. Milo enjoyed all the attention to the core and ran around the whole house, tearing away his gifts, till he was exhausted. Muffin, on the other hand, is just a baby and keeps running behind Milo all day (much to Milo’s annoyance). Both of them sleep through the entire day and are super active during nighttime. Milo actually waits for my husband to arrive back from work when he knows he will be hand-fed by him. Our lives are much brighter, happier and chirpier because of the presence of our two adorable Pugs!”

Milo - all ready for his birthday paw-ty!

Milo – all ready for his birthday paw-ty!

The Breed Purpose

Originally bred to be lap dogs for the Royalty, Pugs are playful dogs that need loads of human interaction. Known to be one of the oldest canine breeds, there are many theories to a Pug’s origin. It is said that Pugs are the descendants from Dogs that were imported to Europe from China in the 16th century. Known to be highly social, Pugs were bred for companionship. 

Games that you can play with your Pug

Pugs love to play regardless of their size and built. You can play tug-of-war, fetch, have your Pug chase his toys, create a food puzzle. There are many ways to keep your Pug entertained.

Pug Training

While Pugs are great for novice owners, respect training is essential to keep your Pug obedient. Pugs are highly social; therefore, socialization is a must to begin from an early age. Pugs are also not easily house trained and can be extremely stubborn and independent. The sooner you start training, the better it is.

Pug Health

Like all dog breeds, Pugs also suffer from some health issues that vary from one Pug to another. Due to their short snout, Pugs tend to have breathing problems at times, which only increases in places where there is heavy pollution. Hip Dysplasia, Eye Disease, patellar luxaton and Pug dog encephalitis are some of the common diseases associated with the breed.

Pug Size

Pugs are the largest of all the toy breeds and have a square and stocky body with a deep chest and well developed muscles. They have a massive round head with a square shaped muzzle. The large, prominent eyes are dark with deep-set wrinkles. With small, thin ears, they have a high-set tail that is curled over the back and at times, double curled.

Pug Lifespan

Pugs have an average life span of 12 – 15 years.


Pugs have a short coat that is soft, fine and smooth. Their coat color is usually apricot, fawn, black or silver. They shed moderately and need regular grooming to keep their fur soft and healthy.


  • Comical
  • Playful
  • Great with Kids
  • Companions
  • Highly Social

Pug Fun Facts

  • A group of Pugs is called a Grumble.
  • A perfect Pug tails has two curls, although that’s just judged for show dogs.
  • Pugs are said to be one of the oldest breeds and their ancestry dates back to around 400 BC.
  • Pugs were originally bred to sit on the laps of Chinese emperors.