The most primitive dog breed originating from the Indian sub-continent, the Indian Pariah Dog’s heritage dates back upto 15,000 years. An extremely alert and social dog, the Indian Pariah Dog is a naturally evolved breed and is ideal for the tropical weather. Here’s more on this dog breed. 

Sushma and her Desi Dog – Zoya 

Sushma and Zoya

Sushma and Zoya

Our HUFT customer Sushma tells us about her one-year old desi dog – Zoya:

“Zoya came into our life as a 3.5 months old puppy, when we visited an adoption drive. It was love at first sight when Zoya’s eyes caught our attention and we knew she was the one. Zoya is such a quick learner and is an extremely intelligent dog. She absolutely loves toys and has a name for each of her toys. She can bring out a toy by its name when asked to! Zoya loves car rides, going on long walks and is particularly great with kids too (look at her enjoying with her hooman friends) ↓

Zoya with her best hooman friends

She isn’t a fussy eater at all and patiently waits for her food while I’m cooking for her. We wanted to train Zoya on our own, and while initially, it was just a typical learning process, it turned out to be an incredibly personal experience that sealed our bond forever. Zoya is our life and priority, and we’re truly blessed to have her!”

Family photo

The pawfect family!

The Breed Purpose

Indian Pariah Dogs originated from the Pariah tribe of Tamil Nadu. Present in India since the Neolithic times, their origin is yet unknown. Perfect for Indian weather, they are said to be closely related to the Australian Dingo. Part of the hound family, they are known to be excellent watchdogs. 

Games that you can play with your Indian Pariah Dog

Indian Pariah Dogs are extremely playful. Any game, whether outdoor or indoor is suitable for this dog breed and they are perfectly suitable to the climate, whether hot or cold.


They are one of the healthiest dogs around and have a strong immunity. They can withstand hot humid weather and is an overall healthy and hearty breed.


They are medium sized dogs. A male dog weighs between 20-30 kgs while a female weighs between 15-25 kgs.


Their average life span is over 15 years.


They have a short double coat with a coarse upper coat and a soft undercoat. The most common coat found are brown, dark to reddish brown and at times white markings.


  • Territorial    
  • Highly Active      
  • Great with Kids      
  • Guarding Instinct

Indian Pariah Dog Fun Facts

  • Pariah dogs are known to be the first dogs to denote transition between the wolf and modern dog breeds.
  • Pariah dog breeds are not mixed breeds such as mongrels.