Golden Retrievers are considered to be the fourth smartest dog breed in the world. A perfect family dog, Golden Retrievers are extremely obedient (if trained from an early age) and are one of the most loyal dog breeds. Known for their beauty – Golden Retrievers have a beautiful fur with pretty dark eyes that have a kind expression and are great with family and kids. Highly intelligent, Golden Retrievers are popular as guide dogs and even as service dogs. 

The Breed Purpose

Originating in Britain in the 1800s, they were bred for hunters to retrieve waterfowl. This is probably why Golden Retrievers love to fetch instinctively. Golden Retrievers are pretty athletic and have a broad head with strong neck and well developed fore and hindquarters. Because of their strong built, they can totally carry objects over land and water. Their water-repellant coat is dense and they have a thick undercoat which makes them ideal for water sports and swimming.

Just like Labradors, Golden Retrievers are social dogs and need loads of exercise on a daily basis to keep them active and agile. When this breed does not get enough exercise and human interaction, it can have behaviour problems, therefore, mental stimulation and physical exercise are a must!

Games that you can play with your Golden Retriever

Your Golden Retriever was bred to retrieve and utilising this basic instinct in a game will be the best way to engage this breed. Games of fetch, water retrieval games, where’s your toy game and many more!


Golden Retrievers are generally healthy but they are prone to a few ailments such as Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and even cataract. They are also prone to weight gain therefore; you must monitor their weight regularly. 


Golden Retrievers are large sized dogs and are strongly built. A male dog generally weighs between 30-34 kilos, while a female lab weighs between 27-32 kgs.


Golden Retrievers have an average life span of 10 – 13 years.


Golden Retrievers are found in shades of cream or gold and at times Red Mahogany too. They have a medium long coat with variants of curly or straight hair. Golden Retrievers need daily regular brushing to maintain that long lustrous coat.


  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Friendly
  • Playful
  • Love Retriever Games
  • Enthusiastic


Golden Retriever Fun Facts

  • Golden Retrievers are most commonly used for search and rescue operations, thanks to their keen sense of smell and tracking skills.
  • Golden Retrievers are easy to train, which is why, they are a popular choice in movies and television shows.