The national breed of England, the English Bull Dog has an intimidating appearance but is amongst the gentlest of dogs. With a massive body and head, Bull Dogs are known for their courage and their excellent guarding abilities. A softy at heart, Bull Dogs are an endless source of amusement and get along with other dogs too. They are incredibly affectionate with kids and have a strong desire to please.

The Breed Purpose  

Bull Dogs were originally bred for aggression. Developed in the 13th century, they were used for bull baiting and to help butchers control livestock. Bull Dogs are a product of human engineering and were designed to have strong heads, powerful shoulders and tight rear. Ancient bull dogs were so fierce that they were banned in the streets of Rome and it is said that a 36 kilo Bull Dog could easily bring down a bull weighing a ton by jumping high enough to grab the bull’s neck and toss the bull over. They earned their name in the 15th century for the same reason – by bringing down bulls. Their loose face wrinkles helped draw blood away from the eyes in a bullfight. The pushed-in nose was designed to help the Bull Dog hang onto the bull’s ears or nose with his strong teeth and still be able to breathe.

Contrary to their history, Bull Dogs are actually quite an affectionate breed and are perfect fit for a laid back dog life. Bull Dogs are great with other dogs and kids. Expect loads of snoring sessions, loads of drools and slobber around the house because of the compressed nature of their jaw. Bull Dogs are always willing to please and make excellent family pets. They were referred to as the ‘Churchill dog’ as they exemplified courage and strength of England and were named as the National Dog of England in World War II.


Bull Dog Training

Bull Dogs can at times be quite stubborn and lazy, which is why their training needs to be highly interactive. It will need loads of patience and persistence to train your bulldog. A well trained Bull Dog puppy that has been properly socialized will grow up to be a sweet, tolerant and patient adult. Apart from obedience training, train your Bull Dog to avoid food aggression/object guarding. Leash training is important too for Bull Dogs as they grow up to be muscular and have loads of strength.

Games that you can play with your Bull Dog

Bull Dogs do not need loads of exercise as they have a pushed-in face that makes them breathe heavily when it’s hot. They also do not dissipate heat well and are also not great swimmers so ensure that if you have a pool, you are always around to monitor your Bull Dog from falling in. Indoor games are ideal for Bull Dogs or games inside a yard. Bull Dogs are great with kids so you can have a nice family play time inside your lawn or even indoors. Ensure that whichever games you play with your Bull Dog, they are short and there is plenty of time in-between for your Bull Dog to rest.

Bull Dog Health

Bull Dogs do not do well in heat and they are not swimmers so a moderate climate is best suited for them. Because of their unique body and head structure, it makes them prone to loads of respiratory and joint problems. Around 80% of Bull Dog females need a cesarean section to deliver their puppies as they have much wider shoulders than their rear ends. Bull Dogs are prone to skin allergies around their facial folds, which is why their facial wrinkles should be cleaned daily and keep it away from moisture. An active lifestyle is important for a Bull Dog as they tend to get lazy and gain weight quickly, which can aggravate existing health problems. Hip dysplasia is also a common health concern for Bull Dogs.

Bull Dog Size

Bull Dogs are medium sized dogs with a massive head and a narrow rear end. A male Bull Dog generally weighs between 24-25 kgs while females weigh around 22-23 kgs.

Bull Dog Lifespan

Bull Dogs have a much shorter lifespan and on an average live for upto 8 years.

Bull Dog Coat 

Bull Dogs have a smooth and short coat that is easy to groom. They are average shedders and their coat colors are usually red, brindle and shades of fawn, solid red and combination of these colors. A comb and brush on a regular basis keeps their coat smooth and shiny.

Bull Dog Fun Facts

  • Otto, the skateboarding Bull Dog broke the Guinness World Record for the longest human tunnel travel by a skateboarding dog.
  • Over 80% of Bull Dogs are delivered via Caesarean section.
  • Bull Dogs are large skulled dogs and not suited for water and can drown if unsupervised.
  • Bull Dogs were originally bred for Bull baiting and after it was banned in the 19th century, Bull Dogs nearly went extinct. They were saved by a group of Bull Dog living people who bred the breed to become great family companions instead.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Churchill did not have a Bull Dog.
  • British Bull Dogs are one of the most popular school mascots in America.