Boxers are a playful and highly energetic breed with one of the longest puppyhoods that can at times last upto three years. Because of their playful nature, they are sometimes called the ‘Peter Pan’ of the dog breeds. Boxers are great family companions and are extremely loyal to their family. All they need is mental stimulation and loads of exercise to keep them happy and hearty. They are muscular and hence great athletes in the world of working dogs. Boxers often paw up like a cat at their food bowls, toys and their humans, which is perhaps the reason why they are called the “Boxers”. With their fun spirit, Boxers are great with children and are lovingly called the clowns of the family.

The Breed Purpose

Boxers are descendants of two breeds: an extinct German breed called Bullenbeisser – a dog with a Mastiff descent AND British Bull Dogs. Boxers have a short muzzle and a big underbite. Developed in Germany in the 19th century, they were bred to be bull-bating dogs and also used in slaughterhouses to control cattle. Boxers are also excellent guard dogs and their tails were docked so that large wild animals could not get hold of them when the Boxer held them down until the hunters arrived. This practice is no longer legal.


Games that you can play with your Boxer

Boxers are highly energetic dogs and love to play around all the time. Teach your Boxer to fetch things, play hide and seek and any other interactive game to keep them active and happy.

Boxer Training

Boxers are highly energetic and need loads of exercise and mental stimulation. Train them from an early age and keep the sessions short and fun. As dogs are muscular and have loads of energy, you must train your Boxer to be obedient and disciplined to ward off any aggression. Boxers need t be socialized from an early age. House training, leash training, and training your Boxer not to jump up are some of the basic training tips for Boxers.

Boxer Health

Boxers are prone to allergies, bloating, boxer cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, melanoma, sarcoma, amongst others known diseases. Boxers are not suited for extreme climates. It is said that almost 80% of white boxers are deaf.

Boxer Size

Boxers are stocky, muscular and powerful. They are medium sized dogs with a broad, deep chest and a short back. An average male Boxer weighs anywhere between 30-36 kgs while a female Boxer weighs anywhere between 22-30 kgs.    


Boxers have an average life span of about 7 – 10 years.


Boxers have a short coat, which sheds moderately. With regular grooming, it is easy to maintain a shiny and soft coat. They need regular baths and because of their short coat, they should be kept away from excessive heat and cold. Boxers have 3 different coat colors – fawn, brindle and white.


  • Playful  
  • Energetic
  • Devoted
  • Loyal  
  • Brave      
  • Intelligent        
  • Fearless

Boxer Fun Facts

  • Brandy, a boxer holds the world record to have the longest tongue – 17 inches to be precise.
  • Boxers were one of the first dog breeds to be selected for police training in Germany.
  • Boxers snore and drool A LOT!