Valentines Day is around the corner and everyone must be thinking hard on how to make the day special and full of love for all their loved ones. While you must be wracking your brain over flowers, gifts and special ideas for the ones you love, your most loved rascals, your furry little valentines deserve something special as well. Dogs give us whole lot of unconditional love and there are no way we can match up to their charm, affection and bubbly loving soul. However, what stops us from trying??

We at HUFT did a lot of thinking, thinking and whole lot of thinking and came up with Top 10 Valentines Day gift ideas for your furry little pooches to make their days special


  1. Dress them up1

Dressing your dogs up for any occasion or just like that is so much fun and fulfilling.  Find the cutest doggie dresses or snazzy sweatshirts, whether for him or her and make them look absolutely adorable. If it’s too cold outside then funky jackets to keep your dog warm could be one of the most meaningful gift for your little pet.




dog treats2. Home-made dog treats

All mommas would agree that is nothing more fulfilling than cooking for the ones you love and being a pet mommy or daddy, cooking for your pet and pouring your heart out in nice and healthy recipes for your furry baby is nothing but absolute demonstration of love. So whip up and bake some nice chicken dog treats and cookies. Check out the web to find some yummy quick recipes and have fun..



3. dogbasket28229copyTreat and Toy gift hamper

As a pet owner sometimes, we just love indulging. Most of the time we don’t know what all to buy and end up being confused. But how about fixing a nice and pretty Gift hamper for your little one where you place a little bit of everything, from treats, shampoos, toys and all the nice things that your dog would love. If you run out of ideas then you can get professional help like HUFT Wagbox service at extremely nominal charge. And besides that, watching your pet unwrapping the gift boxes like excited little babies is absolutely PRICELESS.


4. Something to snuggle in

If you love someone, let them sleep. Something that dogs Looovvveee doing is to sleep. Well, that’s something we humans love too so we can understand. Really cozy dog beds and pet mats would make lovely gifts for your cuddly wuddly pooch. Give them something warm to sleep on and they would appreciate that, REALLY!!




10424245. Luxurious doggie spa

From a nice grooming session to a luxurious spa followed by a warm and fragrant bath, all handled by seasoned professionals is pampering at its best for your pooch who deserves nothing but the best. There are so many pet spas that make sure that your dog has the most relaxing time and comes out looking squeaky clean. They also have medicated baths for tick and flea solution. Whatever you choose, this is going to be one of the most wonderful gift you can give to your loving pet.


dog_2635145b6. Holiday or day out with your pet

The best thing you can do for your pet is to involve him or her in your fun activities. So how about planning a day where you take your pet around to parks, holidays and short weekend trips. Learn more about cafes and resorts that welcome pets and happily tag your little ball of fur around with you. This will be fun for your dog and also meaningful because the more the dogs go to new locations, the more they get smarter and comfortable with people and activities. So what are you waiting for? Start booking already…


puppy toys7. TOYS

Dogs like children love their toys and the fun to watch them dote on their favourite ones is absolutely priceless. There are so many dog toys to choose from, plush, interactive and chewy ones. Some plush toys make amazing cuddle buddies, treat toys keep your dogs busy for hours and chewy ones clean their gum while taking care of their painful teething. Shower them with their own toy collection and make them happy.


Heads-up-for-Tails-HUFTCLH4588. Collars and leashes

Collars, harnesses and leashes are things that you really need for your dogs, so why not make them fun as well. Choose some nice collection of whacky colours, fun prints and the right style for your dog’s comfort. Go for nice personalized collars that have their names on them to add a little special touch to the Valentine day gift. After all, comfort is the key





Heads-up-for-Tails-HUFTPS0819. A pet tag

Love brings safety and security and if you love your pet, the most meaningful thing you can give to him or her is security. Personalised pet tags make sure that your pet comes back to you safe, if he or she gets lost by mistake. Personalised pet tags can have your pet’s name and your contact details engraved on the tags and anyone who finds him can return your flighty pooch safely to you





10. Last but not the least, TIME

Dogs, like all your loved ones need a lot of time and energy. They crave for your attention and affection. Giving them that precious time of yours, playing with them, grooming them or simply cuddling with them through the day is simply the best gift your dog can ever get.



Priyanka lahiri


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