Our little rascals are notorious for high-profiled crimes like chewing beds, digging up the gardens and pooping in inappropriate areas. These smart buggers get away with the biggest crimes for their cuteness and to be honest, that is just fair. Some of these crimes are so funny that a good laugh is just not enough. We need to NAME AND SHAME these rascals to share the smile..

So we decided to scurry around the internet to collate and list down the funniest dogs named and shamed by their owners.. So here we are, go through it, laugh and share 🙂


Work hater: This one hates working and won’t let anyone either. The protest was rather innovative..




Serious criminal activity detected. Trying to stop your human from getting out of the country is absolutely wrong, but who cares!!!





Outright Petty thief caught red-handed and released on cookie bail





This one joined paws with competitors for a couple of bone bribe. Prepawsterous!!!






First rule of Bite club – Bite everyone (NOT)





This is our Serial Scavenger.. Well fed, healthy dog but won’t stop looking for food in all wrong directions, coz THUG LIFE!





Double trouble, All in One.. This one is potentially dangerous for human kind. he FARKS!!!!




Duo shamed

This Duo Criminals need special attention, or probably an art appreciation class…




BEWARE: This innocent face is a vicious serial killer who murders and buries all his stuffed toy victims.


The family of good people did not know that they had a twisted sex offender amongst them. Now under cuddle custody.





Meh! A small time burger trying to make it big. Caught in the first attempt. Loser 😀





Last but not the least, Another indecent guy… Keep your girls safe from this creep. SERIOUSLY

If you have criminals in your house, do name and shame. Let’s share awareness and few giggles :D.. Please share..


 – Priyanka Lahiri

Priyanka Lahiri Sen