While we may not have snow in most parts of India, this weather definitely warrants bundling up both pooch and parent! Every season brings along a change to our pet’s care routine and winter is no different. Take especially good care of senior pets as they tend to feel the cold more. Here’s a lowdown on the three broad areas of winter care for your pet:

For the Coat and Skin

The cool winter breezes are a signal for dry skin both. Dryness can make your pet’s skin itchy and turn him or her into a scratchy bundle of fur. Constant scratching can also break the skin and bleed.

Coconut Oil Massages: Virgin, organic and cold pressed coconut oil hydrates the skin and coat. A massage with it not only relaxes your pet but also leaves your pet’s coat with a lovely glossy finish. As an additional benefit, coconut oil on the skin helps small scrapes heal and eases irritation from fleabite allergies.

Don’t forget the conditioner! After giving your pet a bath, be careful to use conditioner to leave the coat protected. The general dryness of the season leads to static and your pet may get an unpleasant shock when he walks past curtains or lays down on mats. You can also use conditioner based shampoos.

Snout and Paw Butter: Cold weather can make paw pads and noses very dry and lead to cracks. Dab on a bit of snout butter to keep those adorable noses gleaming. Paw butter works just as well, make sure you apply it on the paw pads just before bed so your pet doesn’t march around the house with it!

Plan B for Baths: The weather forecast for Bath Day may not always be favourable. Baths for your pooch if the sun isn’t out to dry their coat well is never a good idea. So between baths, use pet wipes or dry shampoos to keep your pet’s coat refreshed, clean and smelling good! Alternatively, go to a grooming salon where they can use a professional dryer.

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For their Diet

Honey is a superfood that strengthens your pet’s overall immunity by fighting infections and digestive problems. It has plenty of antioxidants and does wonders for sore throats and coughs. Please speak to a vet on the dosage as this varies from pet to pet. If he or she has never had it before, the doses will begin very small and be increased very gradually.

Fish based diets are ideal for this weather. They contain plenty of omega fatty acids that improve the health of your pet’s coat and skin.

Hydration is always important, but the cold weather discourages your pet from drinking their usual quota of water. Make up for it by including soups and broths in their diets.

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For Cosiness and Comfort

Get them off the Floor! Cold floors are even worse in the winter. Despite their coat of fur, pets do feel the cold (especially senior pets). Remember to lay out pet mats and get them cosy beds and blankets. Pet mats are easy to carry from room to room.

Warm clothing like sweaters and T-shirts are good depending on how cold your city gets. This especially helps arthritic dogs and those with joint aches. Keeping those joints warm eases the pain.

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