How many times have you groaned at the sight of another ill trained, grumpy and irritable dog that tends to snap at the slightest sign of friendliness? If you are worried about the same occurring with your furry companion, you should definitely start taking a few steps immediately. Every dog goes through a specific developmental stage where there is heightened sensitivity to his/her surroundings. Your dog’s friendliness quotient as an adult is hugely determined by the quality of his/her experiences with both dogs and humans during his growing up years till the time he/she is about three to four months old.

The first thing to do in this regard is to always get your dog introduced to as many friends, family members and acquaintances as you can. Friendly dogs are always those who have been raised around loads of people and are familiar with such environments. When your four legged friend is still a little puppy, throw him/her parties with your invited guests for company instead of trying to take him/her out for walks and other activities. At these parties, try to expose your dog to interactions with little children and of course, adults. This will definitely help your dog master the nuances of friendly behaviour as an adult. Keep changing your party guest list periodically as this will help your dog come in contact with loads of new people on a regular basis.

Get children to feed and cuddle your dog along with giving him/her a few commands and other instructions. Proper rewards and cuddles go a long way towards imbibing positive influences on the mind of your pup. Start taking out your steadily growing pup to the neighbourhood park and other places. Regular social interactions and activities in a community environment will definitely teach him/her how to behave with strangers and other people and dogs.

Curbing biting in your puppy is not hard provided you are willing to invest a little effort into the process. Trainers refer to bite inhibition or the process where a pup finally learns to mouth his demands gently without the need to bite. This has to be enforced by you whenever you are playing with your pup at home. Expressing your hurt at a bite and a dose of steady ignorance works wonders in this regard. If he/she continues to ignore your cries of pain, leave him/her alone for some time. This will lead him/her to understand the basic mantra of friendliness: Biting puts an end to all the fun and irks everyone.

Scold your puppy gently if he/she does not treat your children and other kids properly. This will steadily arouse awareness and much gentler behaviour with the passage of time. Raising a friendly dog depends on the kind of experiences you expose him/her to in a state of infancy. Remember that the life lessons learned during this time are of immense importance with regard to keeping your dog happy, healthy and friendly with fellow dogs and of course, people.