Did you know that the concept of funny-pet pictures has their origin in the 1870s when a famous English photographer called Harry Pointer started clicking cats in wacky poses? It’s amazing how the trend has lived on with pictures of dogs and cats becoming huge hits on the web. Besides, photographing a pet is an incredibly amusing activity. You may not intend to make your pet a social media sensation, but a few exceptionally cute pictures to chronicle his/her life won’t hurt!



Expression-Personality-Humor – Action!

The most praised portraits, be they of pets or be they of people, predominantly have these three elements: a meaningful expression, reflection of the subject’s personality and a glimpse of good humor. Do try to assimilate them in pictures of your pets. However, pets, like young children, may not be great buddies with the camera. Getting them camera-ready and clicking just the right moment is the key to getting your photographs right. Here are a few ways to help you do it.

1)    Offer Incentives

Pets and kids have striking similarities. Just as you would incentivize your kid to obey to something, do your pet to behave before the camera. A bunch of toys, a ‘gourmet treat’ of chicken, some goodies – offer him anything he loves on the condition that he behaves like a good boy while you play with your camera.

2)    Try All Possible Camera Angles

Clicking the little comrade from the top is regular, and would give similar shots every time. Try new angles to discover which one makes your pet look most photogenic. Do squat or lie down for photographing her – it will also give you some by-the-way exercise.

3)    Do Some Personality Depicting Shots

Capturing your fur-ball in different states of mind is great. But reserve a section of shots to absorb the essence of her inherent trait. Her personality is what you want to portray in the portraits. So, for examples, if your dog is a quiet and pensive animal, click him sitting by the window pane, lost in deep thought; likewise, a glamorous cat is best shot in her stylish attire and cool poses.

4)    Take Candid Shots

When your pet is in a great mood, waste not a single second in getting the camera out. Every pet has those picture-perfect hilarious moments; and those will mostly come unplanned. Therefore, the best way to capture your doggie’s or cat’s extraordinary moods is by being spontaneous with the camera. In case you don’t like something in the photo: well, what is Photoshop for?

5)    Be Experimentative, Patient, and Work in Harmony with His Schedule

You know when your friend is in a docile and best-behaved form. Work around his schedules to make him camera-ready. Let your creative juices flow when pursuing this constructive activity. And don’t let go of your resolve to create pet-art even if the first few attempts don’t go perfectly well.

Hope that this inspires you to build a fabulous photo-album of your beautiful buddy. We, at HUFT, would be glad to see some beautiful pet-photographs!


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