Hey there! I am ‘Poker’! I am a 8 month old,’Handsome He’! My skin is a fairer fawnish, and I think I am a labrador. Whatever I am, I am too cute. I live with four crazy people. My sister says she wanted to get over her ‘fear of dogs’ and that is why she got me home! I know this because she keeps yacking the same story to every other person! I love her so much.
I don’t know if am hot, but my human-mommy often says ‘that I am the cutest and most good looking dog on this earth’! Whenever people compliment me, she smiles like she would cry. Are all mommies like that? I guess so.When she goes to Yoga, I jump on her, so that she takes me too. I want to be fit like her. I wait for her to come back, and when she does, She loves me first. And everyone is so jealous. And I say,yeaa baby, lucky me! ‘Didi says, iss kutte ko pyar karoge merese pehle’! I don’t know what she means by that, but mom loves me first anyway. So problem solved. She does everything for me. The best is,she scolds me, and then loves me right back! Mommy, I love you, too much!
My daddy. That’s what I think he is. My human- daddy! I know he hates it when I lick him, or irritate him from ‘under the table’. But deep down, I know he loves me. He gives me goodies from his plate whenever I make that puppy dog face. Trust me, I have mastered that face. I know whenever I do that, am going to get something to eat! Yohoo! I am smart!
He also says, ‘good boy’, whenever I salute. He bribes me with a biscuit, and I fall in the trap always. I think that’s why sister calls me ‘bhukad’! I don’t care, call me whatever, just give me food. Oh yes, human-daddy played football with me one day, and I loved it. Wish he plays again! But whatever it is, am gonna continue irritating him!
Dude, I know am just irresistible. It’s so damn easy to love me!
Now my brother. My human-brother. He cuddles me so much. He lets me play with his football. He doesn’t know this, but that’s my ‘most favourite gift’! I hate it when somebody touches it. I love to sleep with him. He freezes his room and allows me to sleep anywhere and lick him whenever I want to. He is the best brother!
Oh, and I have one more brother. He is tiny. Not as tall as my best brother. Everyone calls him tonu.He takes care of me, a lot. I love to pull his jeans. I know it irritates him. He gives me food when mommy is busy, and goes with me for trainings. He plays with me, and loves me. I love him too, a lot.
And now my ‘didi’! I think that’s what you call a ‘Human sister’! Mom often scares me by saying,’ see didi’s coming poker, she will scold you then’. She thinks am scared of her,but she doesn’t know I do that on purpose.
I am very naughty, you see. My sister got me to this beautiful house. I also have a ‘bean bag’, which is just for me. Didi gives me fruits from her plate. Hugs me tight and keeps on kissing me. She takes me to the doctor. She takes me to the parlour. And she takes me for a drive. I love it! I don’t like it when she loves other dogs, but it’s okay. She loves me the most. She blows air in my ear. I tell you, that is the most irritating thing she does to me. Once she took me to the vet, and he asked her for my name. She said, ‘We call him Poker’.
My doc looked at her,smiled and said, ‘if he could speak, he would have definitely told you, is this even a name!!?
So this msg is for my doc. Just to let you know, I love my name. Poker is the cutest thing on earth. That’s what brother says whenever I twitch my ear, ‘Kitnaaa cute hai ye’! So you see, my name is awesome! In real you play ‘Poker’, here, you can play with Poker.
I salute, I shakehands, I wish, I watch, I lick, I die for food, I act hysterical when am left alone and I run for my tail!
I am ME, And I am ADORABLE!
(By Vrishali Saraogi)Poker