tumblr_lv65l7820B1r363pgo1_500These days our pet supply market is churning out new dog food brands every other day. With so many varieties to choose from and so many recommendations, dog owners are leaning more towards these easy hassle free dry kibbles for their furry friends. Many working owners find it convenient to feed dog food to their dogs because of lack of time to cook home cooked meal for them.

While In India, there are few good dog food brands available, many brands do not regularize the quality and source of the meat products and other ingredients that go into these dog food. Doctors and breeders recommend many brands but to be honest, there is not much awareness about how a quality dog food should be, apart from many dog owners not being aware of what should be right or wrong for their dogs.

While few brands have been internationally recognized for their specialty diet, quality of diet and ratio of active meat content, we are aware that those brands are only limited in India at this moment.

DSC00966One cannot always depend on commercial dog food for the dog’s overall health and considering home cooked dog food as an option on a rotational basis. Before we explore why home cooked dog food could be a great option for your dog, there are few points that need to be considered. The greatest advantage of a quality dog food is that it is a balanced meal specially designed for your dogs. The kibbles have a mix of all the ingredients mixed in the right proportion along with supplements for overall health of your dog. In case of home cooked dog food, there is always a slight chance of over feeding your dog. Many dog owners are not aware of the ingredients that are not right for their dogs and also feed them human food. But if this middle ground can be covered, if one knows how much to feed his or her dog and exactly which ingredients are great for your dog, then home cooked food is the best gift one can give to his dog.

If you research on how to make a good balanced dog food at home, you will be able to experience all the goodness of home cooked fresh dog food.

A good, well balanced low grain dog diet will enable you to have a complete control over the ingredients and since it is made of fresh produce, you will eliminate all preservatives, additives and other bad ingredients.

Since you also know your dog’s health conditions better than any Dog food brand, you will be able to customize the dog food based on what is required of your dog. Some dogs are allergic to grain, so you can replace grain products with other source of carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and beans.

breuer-premium-2Dogs are mainly carnivorous in the wild and are used to real meat instead of processed meat by products. In your home cooked dog food, you will have complete control over how much lean meat, offal and fat goes into his meal. You also get to choose the kind of supplements, vitamins and oils to the dog food based on which part of your dog’s health you want to improve.

One of the key benefits of cooking home made dog food is that you are able to eliminate cheap fillers and substandard meat byproducts.

Besides the point, dogs also digest home cooked food better. Feeding good quality ingredients phenomenally improves your dog’s digestion, thereby reducing the volume of poop and flatulence.
Dogs feel better and feel more energetic while their coats shine much more.

Last but not the least, the biggest intangible benefit of cooking food for your dog is the bonding you end up creating with your Happy pets spinning, dancing and barking while you make their food and appreciating what you cooked for them is something no money can buy in this world.


Priyanka lahiri



A marketing and communications specialist by qualification and an abstract artist by design – with over a decade’s experience in both fields – Priyanka Lahiri has had a lifelong association with pets in general and dogs in particular. At present, she and her husband share their home with Loki and Stella, three-year-old Beagles that they dote on.