It’s nice for every dog to have his/her own bed to curl up on! A dog’s bed provides him/her with a sense of security- it’s their own special place!

While selecting your dog’s bed, do keep the following criteria in mind:

– Sleeping Style: How does you dog sleep: does he/she curl up or like to stretch out?

– Dog behaviour: Consider your dog’s behaviour: if your dog rips apart most things, it is important that he/she not be left alone with bedding that comes with stuffing.

– Dog Size: Large dogs need more durable beds than smaller ones.

We have a nice, big selection to choose from!


Pillow Bed: Pillow Beds are standard dog beds, which look like a bigger sized pillow. They don’t have any edges or rims, and are available in a square rectangular, and circular shapes. They can be found in multiple sizes and colours.  Pillow beds, are soft and comfortable, making them great for all dog breeds.


HUFT Blue Woofy Dreams Round-600x750


Donut Beds: Donut beds, are circular in shape, and have a protective rim around the bed. The rim is extremely soft, making the bed perfect for your pooch to sink into. These beds are great for dogs that like to curl up, and snuggle when they sleep.



Bolster Bed

Bolster Beds: Bolster beds, have a raised rim on one side of the bed.  These beds provide partial support for your dog. They are great for dogs that like to rest their head or arm on something when they sleep. These beds are ideal for larger breeds, but one can find smaller bed sized for small sized breeds as well.



Tent Bed


Covered/Tent Beds: These beds, as the name suggests are covered from the top, providing protection to your dog from all sides. Covered beds are usually shaped like a miniature house or tent. These beds are ideal for puppies and cats. The beds are also very popular with small sized dog breeds.



Nesting Bed


Nesting Beds: These beds are very similar to standard pillow beds, except they have a raised edge around the bed. The raised rim can cover all sides of the bed or only a certain portion. Nesting beds provide great support for the dog to lean on, rest their head, or curl up against something. These beds are available in multiple sizes making it a perfect bed choice for all breed sizes.


We also take orders for customised beds- to make sure it matches with the colours of your room, your pet’s personality, embroidered with your pet’s name etc! Just email us on with what you need and we’ll do the best we can to make you a super bed for your precious pooch!