Rashee Kuchroo from Doggie dabbas

Rashee Kuchroo from Doggie dabbas

“Dogs and Cats have the genetic ability to live 20 years yet we see vets etc saying the average life span is 10-12 years. This purely boils down to what the dog has been eating. If we eat pre prepared packaged food for every meal for the rest of our lives we will too start facing numerous issues.”

They say ‘we are what we eat,’ and if it is true for us, it is also true for our dogs.
Rashee Kuchroo started her company ‘Doggie Dabbas‘ in 2011 by studying dog nutrition when her own dog started becoming obese. She customises your dog’s meal plans- so whatever issues they are suffering from- Renal issues, Gastro issues, Obesity, heart problems, or anything else- Rashee will work with you to give your dog the nutrition they need.
We had a chat with this warm and vivacious girl who hopes to change the way that people view dog nutrition. 

HUFT: Tell us about Doggie Dabbas?
Rashee: Doggie Dabbas was started in October 2011. I’ve always been an animal lover who got home stranded puppies as kid, took care of sick birds, and even got frogs and earthworms home! My parents definitively had to deal with all this craziness. I always thought I would be a vet or do something relating to dogs and so did everyone else, and I guess this was the path I was destined to follow.
My white labrador Sloppy in Mumbai started getting darker as he grew older and started putting on a lot of weight. At that time he was on packaged food. I decided to start cooking for him at home but i wanted to be sure he was getting exactly what he requires. So I started researching and studying and decided to do a short online course in dog and cat nutrition. Once I started my dog on my food, we started seeing a dramatic change in his coat and weight. Family members started commenting on the positive changes and I decided it was time to help other people’s dogs as well. 


                                                                                HUFT: Tell us about your dogs?

The Doggie Dabbas Family

The Doggie Dabbas Family

Rashee: I have a total of 6 dogs! A poodle (14 years), pekignese (14 years), Labrador (6 years), St Bernard (3years), Lhasa Apso Pek Mix (2.5years) and a Shih Tzu (6 months). Huge family! Each one is as unique as the next and its amazing to see so many different personalities. My poodle is on specialised heart and renal food, Pek on heart food, the rest are pretty much on normal food.



HUFT: What is special about the Doggie Dabbas food?
Rashee: In an age where we are so conscious about our own health we need to extend that care to our dogs as well.People seem to misinterpret the importance of good nutrition by saying when we kids our dogs survived on Doodh roti. That may be the case but we don’t eat the same things we ate 20 years ago. Food and nutrition develop and we need to start understanding the nutritional requirements of our dogs.

Doggie Dabbas dog food

Doggie Dabbas Food

The benefit with Doggie Dabbas is the fact that meal plans are customised to suit individual dog needs we even take into account the preference of the pet owner (vegetarian or non vegetarian) and come up with a meal plan that works for everyone. All ingredients are of the highest quality- If I won’t eat it, I won’t send it for someones dog as well. The types of issues I deal with are obesity, gastro, skin conditions, heart problems, kidney problems, liver problems etc. People seem to think the solution to all this is life long medication but thats not true as diet plays a vital role in maintaining the health of the dog.
Dogs and Cats have the genetic ability to live 20 years yet we see vets etc saying the average life span is 10-12 years. This purely boils down to what the dog has been eating. If we eat pre prepared packaged food for every meal for the rest of our lives we will too start facing numerous issues.

HUFT: What’s your favourite product from Doggie Dabbas?

Rashee: My favourite Doggie Dabbas product has to be the Chicken Jerky. I have yet to see a dog reject it and with so many recalls and contaminated treats in the market it really is an amazing product to give your pooches: low fat, high protein, wheat and gluten free and 100% natural. These treats will definitely not make any dog put on weight. I also love the Ice Cream i think many people give their dogs vanilla ice cream as a treat but we don’t understand the danger of a sugar rush in a dogs system. This is the perfect alternative.

HUFT: Please share a recipe with us!

Rashee: Since tick fever is in season I am providing you with a recipe to add to a dogs daily meal to boost platelet count.
Chicken Liver (5pcs)
Papaya (50gms)
Mango (50gms)
Parsley 1 teaspoon
Honey 1 teaspoon
Saute the chicken liver in a little vegetable oil on a pan till well cooked. Leave aside to cool. Add the chicken liver and remaining ingredients to a food processor and blend to a smooth paste. Feed to your dog daily as a supplement to his usual diet till blood work reveals normal platelet count. This diet should start to show results within 3 days. This is not a substitute for medication or visiting the vet it will act as a support to the veterinary treatment and aid in faster recovery.

This is a simple example of how diet can aid in recovery and through this, and I want people to understand the importance of food in your dog’s life.

HUFT: What are your dreams and goals with Doggie Dabbas?

Rashee: The goal with Doggie Dabbas is simple, educate people about the importance of good food and get highly nutritious customised food to dogs all over the world! Why stop in India?

HUFT: What’s your favourite Heads Up For Tails product?

Rashee: Heads Up For Tails is a true blessing for me! Whenever I want something cute and original and of good quality for my dogs it is my total go to place! From collars to beds to apparel everything has that doggie couture type feel to it that I totally love! No reason why our dogs can’t have some fabulous things to wear too! Picking one product is too tough!! I love the collars i think they are the best I’ve seen in India in terms of quality and design and I just totally love them! I’m sure I’ll end up getting loads of collars and use a different one each day! But I also totally love the bandanas and I’m looking forward to picking up some more for my babies 🙂

Check out the products from Doggie dabbas! They’re AWESOME! HUFT says so!