While our social network feeds are at times full of sad, disheartening stories of abandoned pets and injury cases caused by humans, we want to highlight this amazing story of Rakesh Shukla, an Indian software engineer, who adopted around 735 strays and abandoned dogs and they all stay at his Bangalore farmhouse.    

Rakesh’s dog rescue efforts began back in 2009, when Kavya, a 45-day-old Golden Retriever came into his life. And while he was trying to adjust Kavya into her new home, Rakesh realized the true meaning of ‘why he was here’. And then the 2011 incident of massive culling of stray dogs in Bangalore led to the foundation of Voice of Stray Dogs, a dog rescue organisation to support the strays in Bangalore. 

Rescuing dogs from the streets has since been a part and parcel of his life. It didn’t matter whether he had to take care of one or ten or even a hundred rescue dogs. As and when he found a stray or an abandoned dog, he brought them home. And as his rescue pack grew, he bought a land and set it up as a haven for dogs.


Photo Credit: Rakesh Shukla Facebook page

At present, there are around 735 dogs at his farmhouse who are all abandoned, injured or rescued cases. You can also volunteer with Voice of Stray Dogs and find all the relevant details here: 


You can also donate towards his cause at: http://www.strays.in/index.php/vosd-projects-2/vosd-receives/

Rakesh can also be contacted at info@strays.in

And to sum up with some food for thought in Rakesh’s own words – “While Dogs are a man’s best friend, are we theirs?”.