Thinking of adding a little furry member in your family? We guess it must be an exciting as well as an overwhelming feeling for you. More so if you have already gotten a puppy and thinking about how to raise him/her like your little baby. As much as puppies need a lot of care, they also need basic things that make your life as a pet owner easier and your pup’s life happy and fun. So many suggestions from everywhere must leave you confused. So let us make your life easier by creating a nice little shopping list for you.

1. Food

puppy foodThat’s a no brainer. You cannot feed a puppy what you eat and visa versa. Whether you go for home-cooked food or dog food, make sure you select the right one based on the breed and activity level of your puppy. Research online and ask your Vet before selecting the right brand of dog food for your little puppy, keeping in mind that in its growing period, the puppy needs all the right nutrition so that it lives healthy and stays active throughout.

Grain-free dog food with fish oil and real meat is highly recommended for puppies and dogs of all ages. Probiotics along with balanced diet suitable for your dog is the key.

Always check for shelf life and expiry date.



so spoilt2. Food and water bowl

One of the most essential things, food and water bowls are a must-buy as soon as you get your puppy home. Dogs need to drink a lot of water through the day, so it is recommended to keep a separate bowl for your puppy’s water consumption. There are wide varieties of dog bowls with cute and colourful designs from steel to ceramic. Choose the right size based on puppies size and consumption, Go find your favourite one and splurge.


dog tag3. Collar & ID Tag

How else are you going to remember your dog’s name? But seriously, slap your contact information on there so if someone finds your pup wandering around they can return the little bugger to you! Get nice colorful Customized dog name tags for your puppies and you are good to go. 





4. Puppy beds and cratesdog bed

Puppy needs his own place to sleep, so why not buy it a really comfortable dog bed or a crate for him to snuggle in and call it his own. There are wide varieties of beds and mats of all shapes and sizes. There are some really cute dog beds and doggie mats with multiple designs you can choose from. Do not compromise on the quality and go for strong and durable ones. Check your puppy’s size and find the cutest sleeping spot for him. Totally worth it.


5. Toy! Oh Boy!!!

puppy toysLike human babies, your puppies need to play and they play a LOT. Gift him whole lot of toys of various kinds. Puppies can teeth till they around 8 months, so find toys that are durable and can help them cope with their painful and annoying teething period.

Toys are also the best ways to develop your puppy’s mental and learning abilities. Go online and you will find a wide variety of toys starting from squeaky toys, rope toys, cuddly stuffed toys and balls. Pamper your little rascal with toys and your puppy will love you even more


6. Puppy treats

puggle-puppyPuppies are like kids; they need something to focus their attention on, give them good fun and keep them busy, and at the same time improve their physical and mental skills. Treats are the perfect solution for puppies who are always looking for something to chew on. Treats also act as amazing tools to help you in training your puppy using rewarding techniques.

While you may shower your affection on your puppies by giving them treats, you may need to also not overdo it and make your puppies fat. There are various kinds of puppy treats that you can buy online. Make sure you always have some in your cupboard for your hungry pup.


puppy collar7. Collar and leash

Your puppy will need a collar and leash the day you bring her home. A collar holds your pup’s identification tag, which lists your name and phone number. The collar attaches to the leash, which you will need to walk your pup.

For your dog’s first few collars, pick up an adjustable nylon type with a two-piece buckle. The collar should fit snugly so it won’t slip off, but should not be too tight; you should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and the pup’s neck. As your pup gets older, you can expect to buy several collars as he outgrows them. The leash, which attaches to the collar, gives you control during walks or obedience training. Go find some colorful collar and leash combo to make your puppy safe and stylish. 




8. Grooming

Even though he’s still young, your puppy will need to be groomed. His coat will need regular washing, combing and brushing. He’ll also need his toenails trimmed, his ears cleaned, and his teeth brushed. You can’t use human shampoos, soaps and other products on dogs because their coat and skin is different.


A wet chocolate havanese puppy dog after bath is dressed in a peach towel isolated on white background


There are so many gentle shampoos and conditioners for puppies to choose from and you can go splurge based on your dog’s coat type.Buy a cute and soft puppy towel, a dry shampoo, Dog brushes, combs and powders to keep it smelling good and clean at all times.




9. Cleaning potty training Supplies

If there is one thing you want on hand BEFORE it becomes a necessity, it’s cleaning supplies. Puppies are messy, no two ways about it. They rip things up. They have accidents. They sometimes vomit on the rug. A good supply of cleaning supplies is indispensable. Once the puppy is home, you would want to potty train him
or her. Puppies pee and poop to mark their area for future reference. There are sprays that can completely remove the smell of urine and poop and help you train your puppy to do the due in the right spot.  Enzymatic cleaners, which specifically break down proteins such as the ones found in urine, are
very helpful for those house training incidences. You will also want to keep a pooper scooper and pet waste bags on hand. Your new puppy will leave you presents. Make sure you have the tools you need to clean up after it.

jiu_rf_photo_of_dog_gazing_at_cough_medicine10. Medicines and Supplements

For your puppy’s well being, you need to stalk few essentials in your cupboard.

  • Tick and Flea treatment medicines- Anti parasitical drops and powders
  • Anti fungal creams and powders
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Basic medicines for vomit, diarrhea, fever and cold. Consult Vet for the same.
  • Rectal thermometer
  • Supplements: Liver tonics, calcium and other essentials. Consult your Vet on the same
  • Ear and eye cleaning tissues

Your new puppy will bring you all the joys in the world and urge to shop, shop and shop. Buy everything that your little pooch needs and your puppy will love you for life.