– By Ragini Mehra

Going through a tough time, have something to worry about or just experiencing Monday blues, the next few scrolls will do the magic for you! Check out these 10 adorable stray dog photos to brighten up your day.

stray-dog-bharatanatyamBharatanatyam Lesson Number 1: Tilt your face to the left as you bend your knees.

stray-dog-sunAll set for my photo shoot. Say ACTION when you’re ready.

stray-dog-bean-bag-camouflageWow! Didn’t know I could camouflage so well!

stray-dog-modellingAlso, never knew I signed up for modelling! Autographs later please.

stray-dog-do-not-disturbIn DND mode. To unlock, say ‘cookie.’

stray-dog-cartonWere you looking for me? I was just saving this carton from getting lost in the crowd.

stray-dog-hidingYay! They can’t see me now so the visit to the vet is postponed B-) 

stray-dog-kitchenBefore you see what happened in the kitchen, I want to tell you how much I love you.

stray-dog-hide-and-seekDon’t tell Buddy I’m hiding here.

stray-dog-Mount-Everest-Rupee“Mount Everest? Been there, done that. ” Says Rupee, the first dog ever to climb Mount Everest.


Ragini Mehra

Ragini Mehra

Ragini is an avid dog lover and lives in Delhi with her many dogs!