Your pet definitely needs a treat for his/her taste buds every now and then. Of course, keeping your pet on a consistently healthy regime has its benefits but once in a while you can definitely indulge him/her with some special recipes cooked at home. This works as a marvellous reward if your bundle of joy has been well behaved and accommodating enough to deserve the same. There are various options in store as far as whipping up special recipes is concerned. The best part is that these recipes are fabulously healthy and will definitely keep your beloved dog’s weight in check.

Here are some fantastic recipes from the arsenal of dog lovers

1.  Special Chicken Strips- Dr. Anuradha Ganguly, Kolkata

Dr. Anuradha’s hyperactive and naughty boxer Milo loves his chicken treats every once in a while. She shares her healthy treat recipe here:

The recipe only requires 2-4 chicken breasts and makes for a healthy, filling and strengthening meal option for your pet. You have to keep your oven temperature set at 200 degrees Fahrenheit well in advance for this to work. In addition, you should pare off all extra fat layers from the chicken breasts along with slicing it into thick strips of approximately 1/6th of 1/8th inches with a suitable knife. These strips should be baked comprehensively for about a couple of hours before it is ready to be served. The strips should never be really soft and the hardness of texture is what you should aim at. Allow the strips to cool down for some time before serving them to your pet. These strips can be stored for a couple of weeks in airtight containers as well. healthy food2.  Mixed vegetables and fruits- Ramesh Pandey, Kolkata

For some healthy treat options for your dog, Ramesh Pandey has a wonderful mixed fruit and vegetable combo that is both filling and nourishing at the same time. In addition, this recipe will definitely enhance the functioning of your pet’s immunity system. You should put together a combo consisting of a sweet potato, a cup of minced carrots, 1-2 bananas, a couple of cups of whole wheat flour, a cup of oats and of course, round off the entire mixture with half a cup of applesauce that is preferably left unsweetened. health food

The sweet potato should be first cooked in the microwave for a particular period of time and mashed with the banana post cooling. To this mixture, oats, carrots and flour should be added while the applesauce should ideally be added along with water while this is being mixed. You will steadily get a dough-like mould which is soft. Thicken it and cook it for close to half an hour and thereafter you can cut the same into proper pieces for your dog. This is as close to a healthy pancake as you can get!

Proper research and inputs will help you come up with special recipes for your bundle of joy. There are multiple options that are healthy and tasty at the same time!