Though some of us are often embarrassed to admit it, most of us end up sleeping with our beloved pets all year round. This has always been a bone of contention between pet owners and dog experts. Is it healthy to curl up to your bundle of joy at night or should you train him/her to sleep in his/her own bed? There are various hazards that people who sleep with their pets encounter on a regular basis! While this will definitely make for fun reading, some of the key points need to be kept in mind if you are still hung up on this question.

Nightly toilet outings can be cumbersome

Your puppy may find it scary to get off the bed all by himself/herself at night to pee or poop. Alongside, sleeping on the bed often hinders your potty training routine and as a result, dogs may well jump off the bed and discharge in corners or crevices that will require cleaning up again in the morning.

Rajini Sharma, a Mumbai based owner talks of how her pet Labrador pup ended up discharging right at the end of the bed itself: “We would invariably wake up to wet and soiled bed sheets each day and Tyson (her pup) just blinked at me with his big eyes whenever we tried to get him to go all the way to the bathroom.

Once your pet starts getting way too big for comfort!

Alok Mitter, the owner of a fast growing Golden Retriever, Joy, recounts how he kept adjusting to his pet’s growing size until one day he almost fell off the bed himself! “Joy started taking up more and more of bed space and I found myself holding on nervously throughout the night to avoid falling off! When I got married, it was hard for the two of us and Joy to sleep in the same bed and he would not budge!” sleepy dog

Some dogs snore way too much or are simply flatulent!

Some dogs keep snoring throughout the night and this is one hazard which is avoidable especially when you need to wake up early the next morning! In addition, some dogs may keep farting throughout the night and this may be a stinky way to sleep! Changing diets or specialized treatment may fix this problem at times.

Nicks, cuts and attention!

Many people have encountered sudden bites and nicks upon startling their dogs by accident early in the morning!  Most importantly, your visitors will always be in for trouble if your dog is not amenable towards any other individual sleeping in his/her bed. In addition, dogs often demand attention with a few gentle scratches or nudges and this might be a little problematic to handle while you are sleeping. Restlessness is another problem that you might have to tackle in this regard!

Sleeping with your pet comes with several hazards which you have to think about before you let him/her curl up each night!

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