Another Kindness Saturday is here and we have our spirits revved up to help as many street dogs as possible. Food, medical-aid, warm clothes, adoptions, dog shelters, or just spending some time with them – there are many ways in which each of us can help a deprived dog.

When we see an animal in need, many of us ignore. We are so hardened to this way of life that stopping for a few minutes to help is too much of a pain. However, many of us do- and if you are one of them- Kudos to you! You can reach out to an animal shelter when you see a distressed animal.
Here is a list of some prominent animal shelters that you can call for help.

  1. Banglore: The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD); Website:
  2. New Delhi: The Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS); Website:
  3. New Delhi: Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center; Website:
  4. General Information: Jaagruti; Website:
  5. Mumbai: Welfare of Stray Dogs; Websites:
  6. Chennai: Blue Cross of India; Website:
  7. Ahmedabad: Animal Care Charitable Trust; Website:

However, do remember that the number of shelters in India is unfortunately much lower than the requirement, and many a times they may not be able to extend help. Not because they don’t want to, but because they are already working over capacity and truly can’t.

Extend Monetary Help to a Shelter

Shelters run on limited funds and any monetary contribution you make towards them would be an indirect but extremely useful way to give a dog the gift of safety and health. Supporting animal NGOs is a great step towards ensuring that more and more street dogs get a protected environment in future.

The hapless animal roaming the streets needs you to spare a moment for him. He deserves a safe and healthy life. Therefore, while you spend the precious weekend shopping, eating, socializing or lounging, we implore you also to dedicate a little portion of your jolly Saturday to kindness that will not only help an innocent creature in need, but will also give you such emotional satisfaction as few other things can give. Wish you a happy, benevolent Saturday!