When I got Sara home, she was a fur ball of love, naughtiness and absolutely the cutest thing I had ever seen. It was love at first sight. Since then, my little puppy has grown into a gorgeous girl, who has been my absolute best teacher so far!

Rashi and Sara

Rashi and Sara

Besides teaching me a whole lot of life’s lessons, which I call the ‘Bow Wow Secrets’ on our blog – there’re tons I have learnt from her when it comes to being an entrepreneur!

Keep your eyes on the ball: When Sara is playing with her favourite ball, she gives it her full 100% attention and full heart. There are no distractions. I’ve learnt that I need to reduce the distractions I have around me when I am focusing on a task.

Make a conscious effort to keep away the distractions such as email, phone messages, phone calls and social media, all of which can really slow down the speed at which you get things done.

Show some appreciation: Dogs are naturals at showing their appreciation; they make you feel special with their tail wags, licks and nuzzles. When you feel special, you do so much more for the person who makes you feel special. Show some appreciation to your team, to your customers, and to everyone around you. We send out notes and little gifts to our customers, and treat our staff to movie nights and coffee mornings!

Recognise people’s importance sincerely, and let them know that you do!

Sniff em out: The first thing dogs do when they meet each other is to sniff and approve! Lets learn to sniff out situations and jump in ONLY if it smells ok. Don’t underestimate the power of research, whether its for a new opportunity, or any other scenario.

Similarly, when you start to work with another person, go with your gut on what you feel.

Ask for help when you need it: When in doubt, ask others for their advice, and help! Sara never hesitates to ask for what she wants, whether it is food, play, or a belly rub, and she makes damn sure she gets it.

Play should be part of everyday: Sara reminds me that life is not to be taken too seriously, and that play should be a part of everyday! Sometimes, when you step away from the craziness of everyday, that’s when you’ll get your best ideas! Short but frequent breaks throughout the day will re-charge you. You’ll be surprised how solutions to problems will just POP into your head when you’re engaging in play.

Never stop trying: Sara’s first love is food! Even though we keep trying to discourage her from begging for a bite from our plates during meal times, she just won’t listen! She’ll go from lap to lap, making puppy eyes, and hoping someone will melt and hand her a little something under the table. Not everyday, but every once in a while, someone or the other just gives in! If you love what you do, and you know you can make it into a success, keep trying! It may take a while, but it will happen.

Live for today: Sometimes, I get so caught up in making future business plans that I almost forget to live for the day. Sara has taught me to live in the moment, to soak up every moment of the day for whatever it is.

I would love to hear stories of your dogs, and what you have learnt from them! Do write to me at rashi@headsupfortails.com


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