Each one of us would go crazy when we meet our favourite celebrities. After all, it doesn’t happen every day. But fan fever isn’t just limited to people – animals too get super excited when they meet their idols. Just like this young service dog that just went crazy upon seeing Pluto in Disneyland.

It looked as if the adorable canine’s dream came true when he came to face-to-face with Pluto, who has been one of the most popular dog cartoon characters ever. The star-struck dog even went on to show some of his service dog skills.

So excited that the service dog was unable to keep his service dog like calm composure and showed his playful stance. Boy just wanted to have fun. 

Our favourite part from the video comes at the moment when our little friend and Pluto do the doggy-version of the fist bump. This is a must-watch for people who love Disney and dogs.

Watch the whole fun here: