A few months ago, my car almost hit a tiny puppy who zipped across the road. Luckily, she escaped unhurt. To be double sure, I picked her up, and took her to a vet to be examined. After getting a green signal that all was well, I just didn’t have the heart to leave her back on the road.
She was dirty, smelly and infested with fleas. I took her home, cleaned her up, and after a meal of warm milk- she settled on to my lap and slept!
We named her Sasha.

Sasha was absolutely adorable and everyone who saw her fell in love with her! She had these sparkling eyes like buttons, and was a feisty and playful little thing with a mind of her own.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep her and we had to find a home for her.

After several calls and messages to friends and family, Tandrali Kuli from Friendicoes found a foster home until we were able to find a permanent home for Sasha.
We sent Sasha to Neetu Aggarwal in Gurgaon.

Within a few weeks, Neetu fell totally in love with Sasha and decided to keep her 🙂

We just heard from Neetu recently. Sasha is all grown up- pretty, strong, cuddly and the best pet ever!
Here are some of her recent photos:
Cuddle time with her family!
Sleep time!
Pretty pretty Sasha!
I’d like to thank Neetu for opening her heart and home for an Indian Dog. They do make fabulous pets, and I hope that she will inspire you to maybe adopt one too! Also, a big thank you to Tandrali for working tirelessly to find homes for homeless pets. I’d also like to thank my friend- Tanya Lugani, and my cousin- Anita Chopra, both for keeping Sasha at their homes while we found a home for her!