In yet another Dogs of HUFT story, we are excited to feature our colleague Nikhil and his furry brother Rusty, a cute Dalmatian. Here’s how Nikhil met Rusty: 

“I always wanted a dog but my parents never allowed me to bring home one. So, it was kind of a shock for my parents, when, on my birthday, I got home Rusty – the cutest Dalmatian puppy. I rescued Rusty from a person who contacted me because he wanted a Dalmatian. I knew a guy who could get a Dalmatian, so I helped him with the process. However, within a week, he refused to keep him and I was heart-broken to see Rusty so weak and thin – it almost looked like he wasn’t fed the entire week! Ironically, I had always wanted a Dalmatian and when I saw Rusty, I guess it was just destiny that I had to be his rescuer. 



I still remember the first day I brought Rusty home. It was the perfect timing, as I knew my parents wouldn’t refuse to anything on my birthday 🙂 It took a while for them to adjust to Rusty and his naughty antics. He would chew just about anything, was extremely mischievous and full of energy. As time passed by, my family eventually warmed up to this cute, mischievous furry baby. From the initial resistance towards a dog in the family, to the immense love that is now showered on him, you can say that Rusty is now taken care of more by my parents than me! His dinner is now always served before mine and he’s very close to my dad and listens only to him. I’m like his elder brother with whom he can have loads of mischief and fun.


Drive slow bro! 😉

Rusty has chewed up loads of things in our house but there is one such chewing incident that still leaves us bewildered. My dad got a brand new Symphony cooler home and it was kept in Rusty’s room. We don’t know how he managed to chew up the cooler during the night and when we woke up in the morning, the cooler was in such a bad condition that even the kabadi wala refused to take it away!


Where’s my food?

Rusty is a very routine-oriented dog. If u miss a routine, he will get anxious and raise an alarm. He loves to play with my dad first-thing-in-the-morning at 6.30 a.m. If he doesn’t get to play, he will start barking and make weird noises till the time you have played with him. The same peculiar characteristic is for every other routine. And he won’t eat his meals till we have pampered him to eat. I guess you can say that he’s the new ladla of our family and we all love him to the core!”

— Nikhil Mohan

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