In yet another pawsome #DogsofHUFT story, we’re featuring Ray – the gorgeous desi and her human Riddhisha. Here’s their story in Riddhisha’s own words:

“I have always been a dog lover and sometimes I used to tease my husband that he would get a puppy as a surprise gift soon for his birthday. Little did we know, that puppies or dogs for that matter, aren’t gifts and they require immense care and attention. Also, we thank our stars everyday that our association with a dog did not begin by shopping for one!
One day we saw a fawn and white coloured puppy playing beneath our building.  We got to know that this pup was the only one that had survived in a litter of 4. What began as a feeding session, gradually led us to us taking that pup to a vet; and from deworming-to-vaccination-to-her-first-bath, thus began our first introduction to the amazing world of adoption. We officially adopted her and named her Ray, just what we needed – a little sunshine in our lives.


Ray’s an Indian Pariah dog, a ‘mongrel’ which is a common breed found on Indian streets. Here are some of the awesome things about this Indian dog breed:
  • They are the sturdiest, most domesticated strong breed to survive the harsh tropical climate, starvation and other problems. We have taken Ray on various adventures- from camping, mountain treks, to Goan beaches, to 8 hour car drives, she has the most sturdy stomach ever.

Ray, chilling with his family on the beach

  • They shed less fur than many other breeds, are extremely intelligent, clean and easy to train. What was unbelievable for us is that Ray was house-broken and potty-trained in a month as a puppy.  
  • A medium energy breed, they are extremely loyal and loving. Ray’s playful, warm with children and loves to run with us. In fact, we are more fit and active after getting her home. 

Ray’s pawsome trekking adventures


Gradually, we have grown more aware of the strenuous situations abandoned, homeless and rescued dogs are facing in India and over the world. And I sincerely pray that more and more humans open their doors and hearts to this loving breed and just see what a difference it makes to their lives. May 2017 lead you to give a needy dog a home. #AdoptDontShop!”
— Riddhisha Patil