Monsoons are always such a magical time. The dripping, lush green and the comforting blanket of dark clouds somehow makes the world look so much better than usual. Of course the perceptions about rains would differ as they most certainly would, if you ask your dog!

Dogs are not very fond of water, and the constant rainfall added to the seemingly unfriendly thunder and rumbling clouds can cause our adorable pooches to feel scared and anxious. The intensity of fear among dogs will vary, with some dogs shaking during such times to others getting very aggressive. So it is important to keep them inside the house at all times and also close to family members for as much as possible. What better picture than quality family-time inside the comfort of the home with hot tea and snacks and the adorable pooch in the middle of it all!
Keeping your pet indoor is also a good idea because of the possibility of his/her catching an infection in the rains. In this weather, it is very common for dogs to catch infections on their paws and the high humidity makes your pooch’s fur even more appealing for ticks to settle into. Experts strongly recommend following a frequent anti-ticks and flea treatment all through the rainy season (check with your vet).   
Monsoon is also the time of the ‘creepy crawlies’ to come out and stretch! Lizards, cockroaches and a whole variety of insects come out to feast on the lush leaves and plants all around and also to escape from the moisture filling their respective havens. Now we all know our dogs love to play with insects and lizards but this is not always a safe thing because dogs tend to catch the insects in their mouths and sometimes even eat them. In case the insect has poison or toxic substances in its body, it can cause serious harm to the dog- sometimes even death. So make sure your precious pooch does not frolic around too much and play with the ‘wrong friends’.
Just a little extra care will earn you and your pet a happier monsoon and some added licks and tail wags!