Stressed seeing loose dog hair flying around the house, on your clothes, in the food and everywhere else?
Try HUFT’s De-shedder, a fabulous de-shedding tool and a rake brush combined in one easy to use tool! All you have to do to change from one to another, flip over the shaft and lock the other head firmly in place.

The De-shedding blade removes stubborn undercoat. Rake brush is perfect for capturing lose hair.
LESS pet hair on your sofa and clothes!
Excellent quality, firm grip and top design. This is an absolute must buy!

Available in 2 sizes: medium and large.

dog de shedding brush












We used it on Sara, our Lab, and we managed to take out a whole lot of loose hair! Shedding is a natural phenomenon. Everyday use of this brush will make sure that your pet’s loose hair is collected and less hair will be flying all over the place. This will also make your pet’s coat fabulous!
Try it 🙂