Some souls thrive on love. They give beyond their means, and in return get a divine gift of fulfillment that even the most accomplished of people sometimes lack. One such divine soul is Shree Pratima Devi, who has dedicated 30 years of her life feeding and petting street dogs like they were her own children. What moves the most is that the woman who has sheltered countless strays with her love and care does not have a proper shelter for her own self in the physical world: she is a rag picker who lives in a parking lot of Saket, New Delhi.



The prodigiously kind lady has not taken a single trip to her home in the village for the last seven years, in order to avoid leaving her loving companions by themselves even for a few days. She does not live with her family, and refers to the dogs as her kids.

Her extraordinary acts of kindness have not gone unnoticed: in 2009, Pratima Devi won the prestigious Godfrey Philips Bravery Award for her deeds of social bravery. But does that mean much to her, or is it an unfathomable joy of giving that keeps her going?

In the harsh world where the struggle to survive remains on the front of every mind, Pratima and her doggies support one another one day at a time. Life mustn’t have been a rosy bed for either of them, but the pure happiness they derive out of mutual love makes it worth living!

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