For every pet owner, watching his or her dogs play and get excited is an absolute pleasure. However, one of the most amusing sight for a dog owner is to watch his dogs go berserk just after he has been given a bath. Every dog does it. Just after a bath, every dog gets all excited, starts running around and rolls himself on whatever he may find. While it is a visual treat to watch him go crazy, it can become a little annoying when the dog rolls himself on the mud or grass and gets himself dirty AGAIN.

So why do dogs get so excited after bath? What could be the reason of sudden surge of energy?

Though there is no specific scientific reason behind this “Post bath excitement” syndrome, there are some theories based on observations that can explain this behavior. Like every human, dogs get all fresh and happy after being given a bath. In many cases, the excitement stems from the fact that they had been restrained for so long. This sudden freedom makes them go crazy.

Running around and rubbing themselves on the bed or the favorite rug is a way in which dogs like to dry themselves.

One more major reason why dogs run around and rub themselves is that they do not like the smell of an unfamiliar perfume or aroma on their body. However much we love our pooches to smell wonderful, the dogs are very picky about what smells acceptable. Shampoos, conditioners and grooming products come with wonderful perfumes that my-dog-and-towelsoothe the senses of the dog owners but not necessarily that of the dog. Post shower, dogs try to rub themselves off frantically and run around to get rid of that smell off their body and restore their natural body odor as soon as they can.

Whatever be the reason, watching your pooch run around and get all excited is just a normal scheme of things in a canine life and is an absolute pleasure for the pet owners.