How many times have you received that cutely sulking glance from your pet on refusing to go out? It’s time your pet deserves a treat! After all, most of us remain busy with work and social commitments round the year and hardly get to take our four legged friends on much needed outings. Planning a day out with your pet is the best solution to make him/her feel special and loved and also take a break from the humdrum and monotony of daily life. Planning a day out with your friend requires proper planning though; you have to make sure that your pet’s likes and interests are catered to in the best possible manner.

While planning an outing with your pet, you have to keep the following things in mind:

  • Proper apparel for your pet
  • Proper meals and titbits
  • Safety and security aspects
  • Pet friendly environments

If you are travelling by car, bear in mind that you should always keep your pet securely fastened in his/her seat and never allow him/her to sit the front seat. Restrict movements in the car as this may only distract you while driving. Do not leave your pet alone in the car at any cost as this may prove catastrophic otherwise. Search for places where your pet can have fun like parks or other theme restaurants. There are various pet shows, carnivals and other special events that are often organized by various hotels and companies throughout the year. Keep a tab on one so that you can get your pet to enjoy to the hilt with other new friends and companions.tumblr_mec4ikXHyS1raxwg2

If you are going to a theme restaurant, you need not worry about finding healthy meals for your pet. However, if you are going on a picnic of sorts, you should always try to pack food for your four legged friend. Keep it light but tasty, preferably something that your pet likes having or something that is usually considered a treat for him/her. Pack some toys that your pet likes to play with in order to stave off boredom. Additionally, deck your pet up in proper apparel corresponding to the season. You can opt for smart jackets and booties in winter along with personalized collars and name tags among other accessories. dog accessories

Priti Sharma, a resident of Mumbai, recently took her Rottweiler Rambo out for an outing to Lonavla with her entire family. Sharma says, “Rambo was more excited about the trip than us and he insisted that I pack his favorite crunchies and ball for the trip”. Another similar story is shared by Mohit Kumar who took his pet Doberman Django on a special trip to a special pet restaurant in Mumbai. According to Kumar, “it was a fun day and Django could have a ball with the personalized menus and multiple playmates present at the venue. I wish we can do this more often”.

Periodic outings for your pet work marvellously with regard to keeping him/her happy and refreshed and also serve to reinforce the bonding between him/her and you!