Just talking about his two furry buddies brings a sparkle in Samrat’s eyes. A Communications major and a resident of picturesque Assam, pet parent Samrat begins his day with a morning walk with Skye and Joey.

Meet Skye: Gentle, sociable, hungry for love!

IMG00974-20130222-1605 This two and a half year old milky white Pomeranian came to Samrat’s family from Kolkata. He is composed, gentle, extremely sociable, and always hungry for love. His presence has generated a lot of  positivity for Samrat and his family.


Skype naps peacefully in his donut bed from HUFT!

IMG_0584 Skye’s Favorite Activity: Long, long walks!


If there’s one thing he could say to his human, it would be: “Love me, Love me and Love me, and I would love you every second of my life!”


Meet Joey: Protective and effervescent!

This one-year old Lhasa Apso, is a stark contrast to Skye! We get to know that as a young adult he would dominate over little Skye. But neutering him, magically transformed him into a mellow boy and he began to look up to Skye as his pack leader. However, he is still aggressive when it comes to any first-time male visitors in the house; he raises an alarm bark when he sees anyone (male) approaching the gate!



One word that describes Joey: The Sentinel

His Favorite Activity: Playing hide ‘n’ seek


If there is one thing he could say to his human, it would be: “Give me treats and I will love you every second of my life!”


Joey sniffs at his new HUFT Wagbox!


All ladies welcomed with wet kisses!
Skye being the friendly darling greets every visitor with affection. And Joey, despite his intolerance towards male strangers, is VERY friendly with the ladies. He wags his tail and greets the women with wet kisses just as he would greet an old time friend!

Feature Skye and Joey

Naughty Boys or Sweet Angels?
Skye is consistently calm, and Joey, although he is playful, energetic and ready-to-play all day, is never disobedient. The family ensures that the dogs’ energies are channelized efficiently in training, toys and games; therefore, they seldom behave unruly.


Samrat’s pet parenting mantras

Best Thing about Having Pet Dogs:
“They teach you to be less complex. Each day I learn simple lessons from Skye and Joey that eventually make life much easier and happier.”

Advice for Pet Parents: “Dogs have a short life, and deserve to remain happy and healthy during it. Pet parents must act responsibly towards their pooches, provide the best nutrition, healthcare and amusement, and love them like a family member. In the end, it’s all going to be worth it!”

Retail therapy: “I would like to thank the HUFT team for making the lives of pets better with their Pawsh products. Skye and Joey LOVE their HUFT T-shirts, donut bed and grooming essentials. The quality makes the products worth every rupee you spend on them, and fast delivery and attractive packaging make the shopping experience even lovelier!”

The HUFT team thanks Samrat for telling us about his beautiful pooches. We hope Skye ‘n’ Joey continue to generate the same unadulterated joy in Samrat’s family for many, many years to come!

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