Meet adorable Ellie, who is equally glamorous, and has a wardrobe that could give the most stylish humans a run for their money! According to Ellie’s pet parent Tanu Chadha, little Ellie owns over 28 items from Headsupfortails, including a lovely customized collar, bow tie, shoes, winter jackets, and rain coats! In fact one of Ellie’s favorite pastimes is to model and admire herself in the mirror!

Spoilt to the bone in a stretch, cotton tee!

Spoilt to the bone in a stretch, cotton tee!

“Ellie had the ways of a queen since she was a baby!” shares Tanu.

Ellie models her stylish pink dress!

Ellie models her stylish pink dress!

“Here I would like to make a special mention of the fabulous couture collection from HUFT. Besides, I can’t appreciate the HUFT team enough for going the extra mile, they are always willing to travel for a customer. For instance, a pink candy winter jacket (that happens to be my Ellie’s favorite) was arranged on my special request. It was not available for retail sale, but Sakshi and Shreya from HUFT managed to get me one! I simply loved the gesture,” shares Tanu.

Baby Ellie

Nappie time for baby Ellie

Ellie as a baby: “I remember she was the weakest puppy of the litter and was facing a hard time getting adopted. I don’t know how, I was able to get her from Mumbai to Delhi. She was so tiny that she was able to fit in my palm. I still remember feeding her with baby food with a spoon. From the beginning, I knew there was something very special about her!” gushes proud mom Tanu.

My name is Queen Ellie! (donning her customised collar)

My name is Queen Ellie! (donning her personalised collar)

Ellie’s favourite things: Socializing (with humans), giving lots of love to her family, dressing up, staring in the mirror, and getting lots of beauty sleep everyday!

Queen Ellie getting her  beauty sleep in a chic HUFT jacket!

Queen Ellie getting her beauty sleep in her ‘Evening in Paris’ outfit!

Looking chic in a striper sweater

Lounging snug in a chic striped sweater!

Ellie’s shenanigans: Chewing shoes and then hiding any evidence of the crime under her bed is another naughty thing Ellie continues to do till date!

I love balloons!

I love balloons!

Enjoying her Wagbox!

Pure bliss after rummaging through her Wagbox!

Welcoming her new brother
: “We had brought home a desi pup and Ellie would just not share her space with him; but just in a week, her behavior changed and she started treating him as her little brother, even sharing her bed with him, ” says Tanu

Ellie naps with her lil' brother

Ellie naps with her lil’ brother


Chilling some more!


Just chilling!

And chilling some more!