Our awesome team at Heads Up For Tails have some amazing dog rescue stories to tell. In our next #DogsofHUFT story, we’re featuring our colleague Palak and her rescue doggie named Flimsy…..

“I’d always been a weird child who would be on the lookout for dogs and puppies in the colony. So when my cousin told me about a new puppy in the neighbourhood, I had to go look. 

That’s how I met Flimsy. This cute ‘not-really-puppy-but-not-an-adult-dog-either’ with flappy ears and a limp on her hind leg. From that day onwards she would run to me every time I was outside my gate and eventually started following me inside the house. 

She was teething at the time so she would bring people’s jeans and chappals and whatever else she could find, to our garden…almost like a gift. This went on for a while and she started spending more time in our veranda and lesser on the road.

Flimsy's teething stage where she loved to chew and destroy stuff

Flimsy’s teething stage where she loved to chew and destroy stuff

Soon after that, we found out that she was pregnant and gave birth to 6 puppies in the winter. One of them couldn’t make it but the other 5 grew up to be healthy puppies. They were truly a bundle of joy! (apart from the mess that they made….everyday!)
Flimsy's puppies

Flimsy’s puppies

At that point of time I was living in a disputed property and some members of the family weren’t very welcoming of the idea of six dogs in the house. I’d already gotten one puppy adopted and the other four found permanent homes with the help of a shelter as well. We had to go leave Flimsy at another colony, where our mechanic took care of her and we would go meet her every now and then and thought that was settled.                                                                                                                                                                        
One morning (a few weeks later), I woke up and walked out of my room and my mother said – “Flimsy is here!” I thought she was confused with another dog but it was actually her! She had found her way back home, walking all the way and this place was about 4-5 kms away.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
It was then that we decided we weren’t letting her go anymore. We moved to Gurgaon a few months later and she’s adjusted well to the new house ever since.                                     

Flimsy and Palak

Flimsy’s a lot like me in terms of behaviour and emotions as well. She’s a brat who’s independent and needy at the same time. Whoever said that dogs are just like their humans was absolutely right!”
— Palak Adlakha.