My lab Sara is a naughty, playful dog with lots of spirit!
She also needs to be constantly entertained and one of her favourite past times is PLAYTIME!
She loves toys. Annoyingly, she managed to tear every new toy I bought for her within seconds.
Annoyed at how almost no toy was good enough in the Indian market for a tough chewer like her, Heads Up For Tails decided to make their own.
We spent months finding the strongest, most durable material available. And after months of research of toy making, we finally came up with an excellent collection that we are proud of 🙂 Made with Denier fabric, these toys are waterproof, easy to clean and long-lasting.We do not claim that they are in-destructible as almost nothing is, but they are definitely nicer, and stronger than your average dog toy. They have passed the test of not just Sara but 3 other dogs of customers who claim that their pet destroys toys within seconds.
We suggest you give them a try 🙂