Believe it or not, that goofy munchkin lazing around at your feet shares 97% of his DNA with the majestic, wild Grey Wolf. And despite all these years of cuddles, pampering and domestication, your adorable pet has needs that are very similar to that of their wild cousins.

This is why Orijen cooks up delicious, majorly meaty meals for your pets. Orijen believes in nourishing your pet as Mother Nature would. Each of their recipes feeds the wolf in your pet!

If you’re looking at your Shih Tzu/ Pomeranian or clumsy Labrador and doubting if he really has any wolf left in him – read on and be prepared for a surprise:

Teeth for Meat: We all know that long and pointy canine teeth are meant for tearing food and not for chewing. So, if you raise the flap of your pet’s mouth, you’ll see a whole row of differently sized, sharp canines that are made to shred meat into bits before they swallow. Dogs are not big fans of chewing their food (unlike plant-eaters). Their mouths are also designed to open wide so they can accommodate big chunks of meat.

Bottomless Pit for a Tummy: Just like wild carnivores, our dogs too, have large stomachs. In the wild, this helps because meals are not always regular and wolves sometimes get to eat only once a week. Their large tummies allow them to gorge on food and digest it later. Your pet has the same kind of tummy and this is exactly why your pooch can beg for more food even after having just eaten their meal. They’re not necessarily hungry but they have room for more!

The All-Important Amylase: In the saliva of humans and plant eaters – there is a substance called amylase. This helps pre-digest the food (this happens as you are chewing it) so that it is easier for your tummy to digest carbs from plants. Dogs and wolves don’t have this in their saliva because they are not built to digest plant carbs. For them, saliva only helps lubricate their throat to swallow large chunks of meat.

Need more reasons to pick Orijen? We have them:

  • Nutritious, Healthy, Biologically Appropriate:

85% of Orijen’s food is made from meat. The remaining 15% is from fruit and veggies (without the fast carbs – no corn, no potato). So, every meal is packed with nutrition to meet your pet’s biological needs. It’s as simple as that.

  • Fresh, wild and natural:

ALL their ingredients are regionally sourced and delivered fresh to Orijen’s kitchens. The poultry is free-run and eggs are nest-laid, the fish are wild-caught. No battery/factory farming here! SO, no antibiotics and no hormones.

  • Never Outsourced:

A family-owned business, all their food is made in their own kitchens. This means very strict quality control and all the ingredients they use are acceptable for Human Consumption (Human Grade Ingredients)

  • WholePrey Ratios:

Rather than adding vitamins and minerals artificially, Orijen believes in supplying your pet with the essential nutrients naturally, through the ingredients they use i.e. the free-range meat. So, this is exactly what they do.

Good Food, Good Health, Good Mood

When you have a good breakfast, it gives the rest of the day a happy start. It is exactly the same for your pets. This why Orijen cooks up delicious meals time and again – to help your pet get their paws on healthy, nutritious food each day!

Buy Orijen Dog Food Online in India

HUFT Tip: When you are changing your pet’s food, it is always best to do it slowly. This gives your pet’s tummy time to get used to the new brand. We suggest that you buy a small pack of Orijen and mix small amounts into their current food. Gradually increase the quantities until your pet is completely on his favourite flavor of Orijen!

If you are looking to Buy Orijen Dog Food Online in India, do not look further as we have all Orijen Foods available with us in stock.


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