Hi, I am Pilla or Pillu as I am called at the boarding where I stay. I wanted to share a few details about the boarding because it is new and not many people know about it. The boarding, called PawTales has been opened by Vidhi Malla, an animal lover turned activist turned Petrepreneur.


I have been staying at PawTales since April 22nd, the day I was picked up from a busy road by Vidhi Malla who was finalizing her own pet boarding in the area where I was born. She took me to her boarding and gave me a nice bath and removed all those creepy crawlies from my skin. I think, you humans call it ticks and fleece. Yes, her boarding has a grooming station; so that we can be scrubbed clean when we get dirty playing in the garden. Vidhi is a trained pet groomer, which is absolutely great because the pet boarding has a huge garden and most of the dog-mates that come for boarding love rolling in the deep.

So, I and my inmates are staying at the boarding for the past one month (We are up for adoption, in case you are interested) and I must say it is fine place. There is a lot of space for me, my siblings and my doggy-mates to run around and play.


The boarding has a ‘boy’ who takes care of us and sees that we are fed four times a day. We also get regular grooming and coconut oil massage because Vidhi believes it eliminates infections and is good for the skin. Vidhi comes to the boarding everyday in the morning at 8 am and asks the boy a lot of questions about us and the other boarding kids. I think she loves us and all the boarding kids, but I am her favourite because she calls me ‘her pretty one’. She often feeds us fruits and home-made treats and plays with us. At PawTales, things are very different than the road. The place has a pool and we are allowed swim in it whenever we want. The boy never hits us or puts us in a room because he loves us too. The place is like a doggy-heaven.

I once heard someone saying that Vidhi has 10 dogs at home and has been rescuing little kids like me for almost 15 years. WOW! 15 years is a long time. They said that she started PawTales because she could not find a place that she could trust with her children. She wanted to build a place that was 100% trust worthy and where pet parents could house their kids whilst on vacation or out for official work.

PawTales is Vidhi’s dream and offers many solutions to pet parents ranging from pet grooming, pet sitting, on-the-go pet food and pet snacks. Vidhi’s aim is to build PawTales into a pet centre that pet parents can depend on and pets love staying at.

If you want to speak to her of drop your canine child at PawTales you can SMS, e-mail or call Vidhi Malla at + 91-9560103078 | vidhimalla@gmail.com

P.S if you are coming to the boarding, maybe we can have a cup of nice chilled curd. I am up for adoption and you can find me lazing around in the kitchen area.

Adios amigos