“I am truly fortunate to have Speedy in my life. I have always wanted a Dog ever since I lost my last one in 2007; given that I live an Entrepreneur’s life it’d have been tough. I was told to settle for Fish instead. But I was adamant – I WANTED A DOG. I wished for a two year old Beagle because then it would be grown up enough and not so large. The very next day, it was a stroke of luck that I found a Facebook post from the ‘Voice of the Voiceless’, who were looking for a loving home for this two-year- old Beagle. Seeing him, hoping desperately that my Parents would allow, I applied for adoption. There were 26 applicants, out of which 6 were finalised. God truly heard me when Speedy was granted to me.

When Speedy came home, he had severe separation anxiety. Beagles are headstrong; Speedy would throw tantrums all day, listened to no one, even bit us. It took patience from all of us and dedicated, unconditional display of love to gain his trust. Once he knew that he was safe, he turned into this ever-curious, loving, attention seeking, cuddly bear. We have a routine that we follow everyday. We eat breakfast together and when I’m back home after work, I play with him or simply cuddle with him. Speedy has a thing for socks and while rough each other up while he tries to get them off my feet if he senses even remotely that I am getting hurt, he stops immediately. That’s how well he empathizes and demonstrates his love for me.

Speedy is the BABY of the house. He enjoys being pampered all day. He gets really jealous when guests arrives and he’s ignored. I remember how he chewed up my sister-in- law’s shoe when she had visited us for the first time. Everyone at home was involved with her and Speedy just wouldn’t settle for it. So he chewed her shoe up, out of sheer jealousy and we had to give her hotel slippers to go back in because how would you replace a shoe (really tiny ones) at mid-night.

I believe, truly, that Speedy and I were meant to be together and that we share a special connection that’s hard to articulate. I’m so glad that I didn’t settle for Fish and waited for Speedy to come into my life. He is a heart felt wish that was granted perfectly!”

Nidhi Agarwal
Founder – KAARYAH