“My fondest memory of my three dogs is when Oreo’s puppies were born. It was a special time as I was eight months pregnant myself and there I was, delivering Oreo’s babies. That moment is truly memorable for me as all sorts of emotions were flowing. My husband would laugh and say that if anyone wants to get pregnant, this is a good karma house to come to.  

Oreo was a gift to us by our friends who are huge dog lovers just like us. Oreo sleeps with us on our bed since Day 1, (our kids don’t!). My kids and my dogs share a great bond together. My first-born has grown up with Oreo and her puppies and now they are a little feisty with him as they think of him as an equal. On the other hand, with my younger child, they are ever so gentle.

One thing that I remember from when my kids were born is that I never kept any boundaries between them and my dogs. Even as newborns, my dogs would walk into the kids’ room and things went as normal as it could be.

I feel that Oreo knew that I was pregnant even before I did. And it seems pretty naturally biologically, if you see, as animals don’t rely on any gynaecologists or ultrasound specialists. Their senses are much stronger and somehow they know such things.

My advice to all mothers out there is that if you’re nervous about introducing your baby and your Dog, then you must know that Dogs are highly intelligent and emotional animals. They are an equipment of an older sibling, so they know that there’s competition coming in. The only way you can ease the competition is to never have any barriers created. Keep it totally open, kids will be fine. It’s good for your sanity to be chilled out. And you have more to worry about the effects of air pollution on your baby than anything else. I raised my kids with my three Dogs since the very beginning and they all turned out fine”.

Roshni Nadar, CEO, HCL Technologies.