1800 in a day? Yes, you read it right! This Gurgaon-based couple spends a major portion of their earnings and a considerable chunk of their time in feeding the unfed animals around them. Dogs, cattle or birds – all animals in need are fed, healed and loved by the duo that exemplifies the virtue of kindness.

Besides serving the homeless animals in their vicinity, they even visit a few spots where there are large groups of doggies waiting for their angels each day. They also volunteer to vaccinate and sterilize street dogs, to offer a concrete solution to the problem of burgeoning strays. If time, money and consistent effort were not overwhelming enough, the couple also lends their own personal space to some of the animals!

After noticing their extraordinary work, a few NGOs have extended their help by providing the couple with free medical supplies for animals.

Source: The Better India

Source: The Better India

In the day of consumerism, where most of us cannot get over our love for acquiring assets, there still exist some people like Nadir and Pia who open their hearts to derive wholesome fulfillment through acts of kindness.

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